Gleambow Augments Not Summoning Meteors

It does sound like this could be slowing down gleambow spawn across the rest of the planet.

Except to get clarification on this bit about the augments having a percentage chance of failure I haven’t really participated in the discussion. But if people are unable to summon due to caps I’m not sure how that affects the whole “there’s 49 other regions” statement either.

Personally I wouldn’t have thought to start doing this during the event. Or on an event planet. Both seem counter-productive. To each their own I guess. My play time has been limited this week it sounds like that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


It sounds like this can depend on how busy the rest of the planet is.

James is clearly aware now that people have either been hitting the limit or having some other problem. Perhaps they’ll look into it.

@james Will the augments spawn 100 percent of the time after gleambow event is over?

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Will they spawn gleambows after the event is over??

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They will work once the event is over. And they spawn gleambow every time, except if there are too many active meteors on one planet at the same time