Gleambow Augments Not Summoning Meteors

In the gleambow drama threads people are reporting that the summoning rate for gleambow augments is less than 100%.

@james , @lucadeltodecso , @rossstephens , could we get some confirmation or actual numbers regarding the expected spawn rates for these?

Especially if, as reported by one persons that I’ve seen, it’s expected to change after the event?

I’m saving my augments for use after the event, is this inappropriate?

I know it’s late saturday evening in the UK but there are a few days left in the event - if we know by monday we can still use them during a quiet time while the event is live. And I think this information would affect the plans of others as well as affecting the market for the augments.


Gleambow Augments spawn Gleambows 100% of the time.

But - there is maximum number of active meteorites on a world - if this limit is hit then they will not spawn.


Will this be the case even after the event?


That is great to know, thank you for taking time to answer! Loving the event by the way :smile:

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Thanks for the clarification

the more reason to save augments for after the event


So what you are saying is that using augments during the event ON planets that also naturally spawn gleambows the chances are higher that it will NOT spawn one?

Basically this means it’s way smarter to use the augments on another T3+ planet (non-Lush) or wait until after the event. Interesting…


Thanks for making this clear.


And the more reason to NOT do it on Circapous or any of the other T3+ Lush planets DURING the event…


This also takes in account regular meteors also

Hmm, yeah ok, still, trying to find a quiet world would be best, not a busy event only Lush world…

But Circapous is so pretty :joy:

But they are potentially wasting their augments PLUS they are potentially causing hurt feelings with other players, intentional or not…


Yea the poachers are hurting people’s feeling also.

Poachers? Ohh, you mean your fellow players who are also a member of this great and oh so friendly community, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But it’s what I meant anyway, people are in each other’s way on an event world so it would’ve been better to do this on a non event world, less people upset, less chances of wasting your augments.

Of course, it has the downside that another normal meteor may then plunk down close to a gleambow one. But is that really happening so very often? If I read that a large amount of augments did not manage to spawn one then you can then also see this one as a dud as well.


No I mean the actual people that just stand either below the platform in the that area and wait for someone to spawn one and go to it. Purposely poaching.

Lol, ok, not behaviour I would participate in but well, we try to add some of our own ‘rules’ to it which can’t be enforced at all since the actual game rules allow it so it’s kinda to be expected…

Exactly so there is discomfort on both sides of the spectrum.

And I have a solution for that!


First night we did the platform thing we weren’t that many people and where no where near spawning the same amount of meteors than day 2 and 3. Many of our augments didn’t work so there must be a bug, it’s definitely not 100%.

This isn’t a complaint either, don’t care if I lose some I have plenty to spare, just stating what has happened.