About gleambow in circa

You can’t get sacs after the event, but any you get now (from naturally spawned meteors) can be used to craft items/augments after the event & spawn GB meteors.


I know you can spawn them on other planets, I’m talking about after the event. I will ask and try to get the reference for you. I was trying to confirm this also last night in discord with a large group of people in there. They said it was in the notes and were convinced about it. It’s the main reason the group started this because it would be much wiser to use then after the event if they would work as well as in the event.

That’s why I said “from what I’ve been told” but I could of easily been misinformed. I tend to believe it’s true because those who told me are usually on top of these things.again o could be wrong.

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I just checked back through the official releases notes and could not locate anything with this info.

The only time I’ve seen % mentioned is when referring to your chance of spawning a GB with gleam.

Personally, I think the group’s efforts would be put to better use if they spawned larger natural meteors, so that everyone could get the mutant sacs now before the event is over. Once it’s over you can’t get them anymore.

Spending all this time during the event to spawn meteors that don’t have mobs with mutated sacs, just to possibly get a gleam GB meteor kinda doesn’t make sense imo. Especially since that can be done after the event :woman_shrugging:

I don’t have anything against the groups - I get what they are doing and how they are trying to help.


This is the first I’ve heard of an augment not having 100% chance to summon a meteor.

Multiple dev confirmations they will still function after the event, on any meteor-eligible planet.

There are IIRC 20 types of block (glass might be 21?) so you have a a roughly 1:20 chance of summoning a gleam meteor with an augment.


ALL gleambows are fair game for EVERYONE by as indicated and implied by the event title.

Do you want to spawn your own meteor with out others participating in your spawned meteor? The solution is elementary. Go somewhere where others are not gleambow hunting. Anyone who harasses and or verbally abuses someone for playing the game as intended should stop or be stopped immediately. The game added many new players last month, hopefully they were not subjected to any verbal abuse for playing the game properly.


I will say that I have had no meteor spawn before when using an augment, but not very often at all. Can confirm it’s possible for them not to spawn :grimacing: Seems like a very small chance though

@james @lucadeltodecso Any word on this?

@Bonez307 you don’t think there’s any chance you missed it?

trust me. i have had my fair share of failed augments that didnt spawn, so yes, its a thing.


Being an imperfect human I suppose there is always a chance one could simply miss the meteor. I did, however keep looking at the sky for a good minute to see no meteors spawn. Could be a bug maybe? I try to get the most usage out of my augments so that I dont waste any :grimacing:


This is literally the first time I’ve heard of it. I would think that if there was a planned (programmed) chance of success it would be mentioned with the description of the items.

I don’t know how closely the devs follow these drama threads hopefully James or Luca will respond to a direct ping.

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I agree, It would probably have been a better idea to put it on a different planet. As you point out there are only 4 participating planets this time, and its not overcrowding exactly, but all participants in gleambow hunting are being directed to one of the 4 T3+ lush planets.

As one of the players who did not know this was going on, I chased down at least 3 meteors that were spawned in this fashion, only to find that someone teleported directly there and had completed it just before I got in range to get credit. It is discouraging, and it did cost me time on brews and food to chase down a meteor I get next to nothing from. They are also visible from a long way off, and will draw hunters, just as they drew me.

Once I figured out what was going on I completely avoided the areas where they were dropping and actually ended up going to a different planet, that way I wouldn’t even get faked out by seeing the gleambows in the distance that I would get nothing from.

If this player event had been done on say Delta Cancret, there would be a lot less issue, as no one going there is expecting to hunt gleambow, unless they are going there with Augments. It is hindsight though, and something to think about for next gleambow maybe, since its already organized and running as it is, and there’s only 4 days left, shifting everyone to a new planet is probably more hassle than it is worth.

Gleambow in general seems designed to increase drama and pit players against eachother. The “race” element in it did that from the start. Limiting the GB to only 4 planets narrowed the field increasing competition of this limited resource. Then this event also added conflicting goals for players : either clear it quick for exotic colored blocks, or draw it out for sacs. So we have to choose getting a good shot at the blocks for building the rest of the year, or to farm sacs so I can maybe spawn them later. If you run into a player with the opposing goal, someone is going to be upset.


Haha yeah maybe, either way I will say the chance is small, and I have a lot of fun chasing the meteors so it still worth it!

The people who have started and I have said this multiple times that people are allowed to do what ever they want and can go after any meteor they chose. The people who are harassing others are a small minority and we are not preventing anyone from doing what they want to do.

It’s funny how people are complaining about what a minority of people are doing,( which I’ve personally apologized for and said it’s absolutely wrong ) because they are trying to dictate how others should play the game while at the same time dictating how we should play it. How about we use our augments where and how we chose to do so. Because of a few bad apples we shouldn’t play how we chose when the majority of us are actually being nice and helpful. I just don’t understand this negativity.

Come to the forums they said, it will be fun they said…

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Since I started this I’ve had at least 25 augments that haven’t worked.

I haven’t been playing much during the event and I currently have 50 augments set aside for after.

I don’t know how many you’ve used but that sounds atrocious. Are there just so many players experiencing this that there’s some consensus it should be this way?

If these need to be used during the event it would be nice to know while the event is live. This thread seems in danger I’ll start a support thread more specific to the topic.

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I bet they’re just spawning hella far away. They can be the next region over I think

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It seems like being all bunched up on one planet might be causing some of the GB groups’ augments to not work:


This is something that’s been happening with multiple people. I’ve been in discord since we started the group thing and there’s usually over ten people in there and it’s happened to every single one of us multiple times. I’m on ps4 but many are on pc and have the mods to help see meteors.

Thanks for that information.


Oh I see. Well that sucks : /