😄 Perhaps we should end the event prematurely right now

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… since then we can all quiet down again, play normally again, without all this drama.


But I just made popcorn :joy:


Ya know what is so funny about all this?

People seem to be doing this now more and more, which explains people aren’t selling me mutated sacs so much anymore which means the augment supply will dry up!

Hilarious if you think about it really!

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We have a decent surplus of augments. Wonder how much they will be worth after the event. 20k,30k,50k maybe 100k each!

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This kind of behavior that is going on in the game right now with folks fighting amongst one another is why I absolutely detest any sort of PvP-style and/or competitive activities in games. It only brings out toxicity and breeds negativity. I’ve been avoiding the game at this time primarily due to how this event brings out the worse in people.

I’m going to have to agree with (Even if it is a joke) requesting to end the event prematurely, because from what I’ve seen and read on this forum, there’s a ton of in-fighting and conflict within the game that usually doesn’t occur when this event doesn’t exist.


People like to imagine that savagery and the Interweb are some bold new flavor combination, but… I remember in the early days of EverQuest, when world bosses were a free-for-all event, and it was common for large guilds to try to steal each other’s kills and/or sabotage the competing guild’s attempts to defeat the boss.

It’s not enough to say that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it - we’re doomed to repeat it ANYWAY. Because history was a product of our natural tendencies, and the future will be too.


It’s a game :woman_shrugging: I play mainly for the events, nowadays. I feel bad for people who choose to make it so competitive that the joy is lost but I don’t feel like these people should be catered to by eliminating any shred of competition.
Gleambow is a race. Not everyone can win a race…especially when some players’ goals in that race aren’t the same as others’.
People are literally arguing over some rainbows in a video game.


I haven’t seen that many gleambow hunts this week, so a lot of people are hunt solo and it takes longer to get sacs.
Last event I literally stopped hunting because there was mostly only gleambow hunts, this time is the opposite.

I’m still going strong. Another 378 today. As for augments, I sure won’t be running out any time this summer lol

Something they introduced in borderlands 3 to stop this was loot instancing. Every player gets the same loot they can pick up, not competes for it.

Kinda kills the whole “race” thing. But if we cant share, could be better to do it like mob drops, where its not shared at all.


PRECISELY why I have been asking for the METEORITE CORE to have something for everyone inside of it since THAT is not shared just like creature drops… Not just a few measly pieces of Oort, and a speed brew…

Make the 12 peices of gleam or foliage or whatever it is that people are losing their minds over part of the meteor core drop that everyone gets when its done, and have the external blocks just poof into thin air.

Its still a race against the clock, just removes that pvp. Which as a community we dont handle well at all.

Personally i think we should all just be nice to eachother. But sometimes kiddies need extra padding on the corners of furniture so they dont hurt themselves


whoa… Woah… WHOA!!!

Lets not forget about the gold… mmmmm… sweet sweet gold…


Yes please

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I would be furious if they cut the event early because some privileged kids dont understand the world isn’t fair and made enough noise to ruin the fun for others. Visit an impoverished country, see how fair things are there. Be happy you have things like a roof, a chair, a computer/internet, and literally everything around you as your reading this.

People complain their summoned gbow is being stolen by others, tough, shouldnt have used it on a planet where commonfolk hunt gbows…

People complain about those harassing them away from summoned gbows, report it, and steal their gbow anyways for not being polite.

If you haven’t learned this about life yet, take a note…
Complaining is everybody’s favorite past-time.



I, for one, LOVE complaining :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Share the wealth I only have 9

Thats the thing with all things(harrassing…
Even crafting… gaining xp… money in the game…

X happens to somebody or so…
they post rant to forums…
everybody else starts do the same…
Devs are forced to take actions.

At least how i see this… this pattern goes for even "how to make a million bucks fast with “exploit (wich is not a exploit)”


Get to work and get out there!

I only login to fuel portals basically. Lol. Been that way for a month or so