Gleambow augments

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Weird quistion if I Gleambow hunt on a t7 exo will I get meteor ichor from meteors ?

That’s a good question… I do have 82 Ichors if you need them @BabyCookie :slight_smile:


oh yea forgot… BOOP!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I collecting ichor boop and have gleambow augments I was gonna pop some see if I do lol

@BabyCookie you can have mine… I’m at your place now if you want to come pick them up… BOOP!!

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I don’t think they would. They don’t drop sent crests on 6’s :woman_shrugging:

Won’t ichor be used in death penalty brew?


I barely play to be dying anyways lol… Those poor things have been sitting in my storage since they were first brought into the game.

I live on a t6 planet so me like collecting the ichor boop :laughing:

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