Gleambow event questions

so I have heard alot of mixed feedback on this… but was curious 4 questions…

  1. does the gleambow sacs remain in inventory, storage, etc after the event or do they expire / disapear?
    2 . does the food that is crafted expire / dissapear?
  2. does the crafting recipes for gleambow items remain after the event like the holiday items, or do they disapear, making unused gleambow components useless?
  3. will the gleambow augments work after the event, to spawn in gleambow meteors on command… or does that only work during the event?

Simple answers…

  1. remain.
  2. no
  3. remain
  4. yes!

Everything is still available, craftable, consumable, usable after the event!

The only thing that disappears are the naturally spawning gleambow meteors.


The augments work afterwards too!?? That is Soo awesome!!! If you get enough of them shot off around the same area, it’d almost look like celebration fireworks!!!

Yeah, just needs to be used on a world that has natural meteors.

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the recipes from all events are accessible all the time, but crafting is not possible outside events’ time frame

@Leahlemoncakes confirmed earlier that crafted consumables (augments, food) will work all the time, but as far as I understand how all events work, crafting any event items is impossible after event’s end (but will resume when such event happens again)

in other words, unused ingredients are not useless - but they will only be useful for crafting next time the same event happens: that means whatever ingredients you don’t use for crafting special items during the event are still good to keep as you can use them next time (there is market for both event items and event ingredients, even in non-event time, as people often buy some ahead of next coming event or try to get things they missed the last time such event happened)

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Some of the items are still craftable as long as you have the event items/ingredients. For example, if you have any candy canes, you can craft oortmas oorty If you have heart rocks and roses, you can craft bouquets. You just can’t obtain the ingredients anymore (besides buying them from another player).

I just made this xmas oorty and valentine’s day boutique. I saved some of the ingredients from the event.


didnt know that - i thought i remembered seeing event recipes grayed out and unclickable

every day sth new

Only two get grayed out iirc. The snowballs and the gleam totems

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