🌈 Gleambow Event Useful Info

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Hey everyone,

I thought I’d take the time to share what I’ve found about the event in the hopes it helps others out in the future. I can’t take full credit for this. There was help from Woofy, @shortyb7tch, @SWProzee1 and my partner Andy. It was great bouncing ideas around and doing testing. Was a lot of fun :laughing:

The information I’ll share will be going for efficiency to try get the most out of the event.

So the aim of the event is to trigger the meteor by entering the center of the region. This triggers a meteor with a a rainbow trail. The aim of the event is to chase it as fast as possible. Get to the meteor and either complete it by destroying it with a Gleambow Totem or by killing the cuttles to farm the Mutated Gleambow Sacs. You need to do this before the time runs out.

First up, you need to decide whether you want to go for Colours or Mutated Gleambow Sacs because you can’t do both efficiently.

The time on the meteors is tied to your character. Not the planet or meteor but your character. There is a timer on the planet for meteor spawns but this is separate from the character timer.

The times on the meteors is reduced whenever you or someone else completes a meteor. Hitting the meteor or killing cuttles does not reduce the time only by completing them.

So how do you increase your time again? By not completing them. If you let enough go dormant your time will eventually increase. Even then it depends on how many you’ve completed. It can become harder to increase your time depending on how many you’ve completed. This doesn’t matter what planet you are on either as the time is tied to your character. If you are just going for colour’s this will be trivial but by doing more it gets harder to get to the meteors in time to complete them. Mega fast brews help a lot, having a good grapple and maybe dropping some skill points in grapple will help a lot. Also a good planet with flat terrain makes it way easier. I got to meteors 95% of the time before they dropped or just as they dropped.

Also to add not doing the event with your character doesn’t increase the time either. If it does it’s not by much. Put it one way my main character had been on Gleambow hunts where they had been completed. For over a week I stuck to just letting meteors go dormant. It didn’t go back up to much. Even if I left the character for a couple of days it had no real impact on the time which I will explain further shortly.

So how do you farm Mutated Gleambow Sacs efficiently. This is where it gets interesting. I found farming the Mutated Gleambow Sacs way more efficient and logical than going for colour. You can make the Augments from the Sacs and call one anytime outside the event.

So like I explained earlier the meteor time is tied to your character and the best advice I can give you is use a completely separate character for farming sacs. You will have the best amount of time and longest amount of time if you dedicate another character strictly for farming Gleambow Mutated Sacs. If you constantly let that character make the meteors go dormant your times will increase pretty significantly and won’t be penalised.

Be mindful though if you are just going after Mutated Gleambow Sacs. You either do it solo or join a dedicated group that you can trust to farm them. The reason why I say trust is because you don’t want meteors being completed. Not only that if you go in with a group of people who each have a character that hasn’t completed a meteor you will get even more time on the meteors. Meaning more time to farm Mutated Gleambow Sacs.

These pictures are from 2 hunts where we had 6 people who brought characters that hadn’t been on hunts where the meteors were completed (just stuck to letting them go dormant)

A 2hr session we could get between 1200-1500 Mutated Gleambow Sacs

Last night did a hunt with 9 people, had a time of 2min 22secs I got 1346 Mutated Gleambow Sacs. Ended up with 7 towards the end as a couple had to head off early.

Also note as soon as a character was brought in that had been on hunts that were completed the timer decreased quite dramatically. More so if you had multiples. So it’s best if you are going for efficiency to keep the hunts private. This is the part of the event I hate the most because it feels not so inclusive. I did a hunt last night and felt awful doing it as I don’t like excluding people. It’s not my style.

I would have loved to have tested a couple 20 player hunts with everyone on characters that hadn’t participated in a completed gleambow Hunt just to see how the timers were then or if there was a maximum timer. But finding 20 people that you trust and being on at the same time due to timezones is really difficult for me. Maybe next time :grin:

Some extra information to note.
If you are on a gleambow hunt and someone is on the planet with a character that has been on a completed gleambow hunt, this effects the time also. Even if they aren’t part of the hunt.

If you take your character that is strictly for farming Mutated Gleambow Sacs onto a planet to just pass through etc and a Gleambow Hunt is taking place the completed meteors can still effect your characters times.

As you can imagine we did a lot of testing :joy: Lots of different scenarios and methods.

NOTE: we don’t claim to be the first people to find this information out. The information is probably already out there. It was my first Gleambow Event and as someone that likes to hunt a lot and likes to learn the mechanics of the game to make it more efficient I decided with help ofc to see what we could come up with. The search feature on the forums is not very good so never read anything up about it if its on here. Just was happily seeing for myself what it entails. Not taking or stealing credit from anyone. Just wanted to make that clear.


Also tell your people not to rush the regions and bring a large group to get the bigger meteorites for those extra clouds to spawn more cuttletrunks.

It was a lot of fun testing all this to find out how to get the most out of the event.

I hate the event for punishing us playing it the right way. So my opinion is to go for the sacs only and forget about the blocks.

You can always craft gleambow augments and summon gleambow meteorites later and collect the blocks.


Perfectly said.

Yeah waiting for people to catch up gives everyone chance to be able to catch up and chase.

Got to admit I hate the event for that reason it feels like you are being punished whether you go for completing or not completing. And it effects others hunts as well. Makes it frustrating and not community friendly.


Thanks for the info! Appreciate it all!

Now I know who to annoy until they let me join their gleambow sacs gang :smiling_imp::joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I totally agree here for a few reasons.

  1. You are never guaranteed decent blocks or rare colors. This holds true during this event and any time you summon gleambow meteors. Quite sad really.

  2. I really dislike most of the events in game. This is the only event I do to snag gleambow sacs as I am big on doing the gleambow hunts during the year. Otherwise, the events are usually not too fruitful and can be a little frustrating. On a more positive note, it is very fun hunting with the community.


You are always welcome to annoy me anytime :grin::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Same character whole event. 3 min 5 sec timers on last night this was with completing meteors occasionally.



Thank you very much for finding time to post such an extensive info.
Appreciate it a lot. :sunglasses:

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Nice time. I thought it would go up more over time. Just proved it nice.
And completing on occasion. I think if you were to constantly complete them it gets harder to extend and I think that’s the reverse of that. Constantly letting them go dormant but occasionally completing doesn’t effect the time much. Great to know.

You’re most welcome.

Like I said I don’t take full credit info is probably already out there on the forums. This was just our experience from testing.
So I’m glad it helps

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