Gleambow Hunting 101 Tips/Tricks


I’ve had some moderate success soloing gleambows now. When they spawn I very don’t get to them in time to complete.

Tailoring my alt for speed was a huge help, but so was picking my terrain. Flat(ish) with good sight all round.

But it think this may be where I’m now faltering. For the first 30-45 minutes they are falling regularly, at points I’m seeing 2 in the air at the same time, but after that it really slows.

The area I’m in I can easily run between 3/4 regions, but after the first flurry I don’t even spawn normal meteors. Is this just kinda how it works, or do I need to be moving between more than those 3/4 regions I’m circling?

Edit: Typically, no sooner than I finished typing this and set off running again, 2 gleambows spawned just about at the same time…but heading in opposite directions.

I do hope the one I chose not to chase wasn’t giant and made of gleam, cos the one I did chase certainly wasn’t! :frowning_face:


Thanks for this guide!

I find my first meteor today and wondered why killing the mobs did nothing (I miss the timer)
Since reading the tool tip is near impossible while running. It’s good to have a summary here.

It seem not really profitable by the look of the requirement and what blocks it give (in my case it was just random basic stuff, and I don’t want to use titanium weapon on this)



I noticed you said:

I didn’t mention it above, but the gleambows fall in the zone adjacent to where you are.

So when you spawn them (likely) it is because you are in the center of a zone. It then triggers it to fall in a zone next to you. Because of this, they will always be pretty far away (thus the race part)

I have had a few spawn and land on top of me, but that was because they were triggered by someone else.


If you get multiple spawns, be quick to first pick your target (nearest first) and try to judge the compass direction you should use after quickly completing the first target to then track down the second one. If you haven’t picked up forged gem grapples, get them, they are worth it. Long range grappling will keep you moving fast, and that’s the only way to go with this event. Higher tier worlds are better for this event because there are consistently high great places to grapple to.

Also thanks @Tagris for the tip to use the tooltips as a tipoff :rofl:


Once a region spawns a meteor, it goes into cooldown and will not spawn more meteors for 2 or 3 hours.


I have sympathy with you. They’re trying to balance the event for widely differing player skill levels, and it’s hard to make it enjoyable for everyone.

I’m someone on the opposite side of the spectrum. I’m decently skilled at grappling and equip the best grapples, I find that since Thursday when they adjusted the timers to be “more forgiving,” the gleambows are no longer a challenge for me. I can reach any gleambow I sight. I can complete a level 6 gleambow meteor all by myself before the timer runs out. If two gleambows fall at the same time, it’s still usually not a problem to hit both.

Not sure how they can approach this in the future. I want events like this that are challenging for me. We also need events that are fun for casual players. With this event, lots of people complained that it was too difficult. They made it easier, and now it is not as much fun for me. Yet there are still people that it’s too difficult for.


The standard approach is to vary difficulty per world. Higher level worlds spawn harder meteorites but with greater rewards.

Whilst the Gleambows themselves don’t vary in difficulty between the worlds, the landscape is tougher, and there is a better reward: more XP and more rough oort. So I hoped this would be sufficient to encourage skilled players to hunt on the hardest worlds. (Additionally, the cooldowns are less likely to have been triggered.)


Yeah, I’m hunting on either T6s or lava planets. I have a lot of practice getting around on T6 worlds because I LOVE the terrain. It is so fun to parkour on! Please keep making awesome planets like those! :heart:

This has the strange side effect that it is slower for me to travel through flat, stumpy tree forest area than it is most T6 terrain. :man_shrugging:


You guys didn’t do this for this event right? I spent a couple hours farming gleambow meteors on T6 worlds today and so no difference between them and the T3 worlds gleambow meteors.


The loot in the crate is different.


My guild mate and I seemed to get a lot more Oort and gold ore on Alcyon last night than I was getting on T3s earlier in the day.


I think the “problem” is that people are interesred in gleambows and mats of it. Not rly how much oort they get.
Ive done all my meteors solo in Xa Frant.
I dont care about oort or some ores.
Maybe it wouldve been different story if there couldve been something else to drop from those crates (yes i know it dropped brews also)


Oh, I honestly didn’t care about the loot. I really think the loot should have been random gleam colors. It would have made it better for slow people who arrive late.


This awesome tip seems to have stopped working for me now! :cry:


Did you turn your tips off when we had that bug where the tips wouldn’t mark complete? Or if you still have tips turned on you can go and find the gleambow tip and uncheck it so it will pop up again.

As a side note, I don’t get the tip pop up every time there is a gleambow.


It was working before, but been running around and not pinged up with the three gbs I’ve chased down :confused:

Edit: Just checked the knowledge tab, somehow I managed to check it off, unchecked now, so should work again!



If you go to your knowledge tab and go to combat, put the gleambow race to pop up on hud and when ever one pops up.


I started only three weeks ago on the game and can still get a few, though i do go on tier six worlds and if you are hunting gleam bow get good grapples and up your agility.


This, so much this. Wouldn’t have turned me off from hunting while this event is still active if I could’ve at least gotten some of the randomly-colored gleam blocks. But nope, slowpokes get NOTHING. Love being a newer player that don’t have the top-end builds and best gear as well as the skills necessary to zoom-zoom like SANIC across the surface of these planets…


I actually agree with you on this. :slight_smile: