Gleambow Hunting 101 Tips/Tricks



A lot of confusion around hunting the new Rainbow Meteorites. I have been having fun with this event so I wanted to share my build and process so that others can modify it and use it as they desire.

1) Build

I only play one character. So I am using my Hunter Page. I made a few modifications to it. It will still work on a regular meteor hunt, but I wanted to up the speed I swung my rainbow totem:

This was just a modification to my hunter build. I moved points from zeal and out of charged shot into action speed with the totem. This build works great for me.

This would be the build I would use for gleambow racing if I was doing a full respec. By moving points into control and out of damage, this build is designed to get to a meteor quickly and ignore mobs along the way.

2) Items

Forged long range gem grapples are helpful (unforged are needed at the least). Speed potions are helpful.

I use my hunting grapples and Tier 5 speed potions to max out run/action speed:

3) Planet

Hunts need to happen on T3 and above. If you want to go out with a partner and hunt these meteors, go to a planet that doesn’t have a high population. Even with a few other people on the planet hunting you will get plenty of Gleambows while you run around. Less population = more meteors.

You can see the current population for a planet while you are looking at a portal for that planet.


4) Helpful Tips

I am not a PVP player. So I gathered 1 to 2 friends and went to a planet and started hunting. Then after we were done, we just pooled the prizes we got and each decided what things we wanted from it. I personally think hunting in pairs/small groups is better. You are faster and it is easier to get many quick meteors. Also, less competition unless you are a big group that is going to work together.

Spotting a gleambow meteor can be a pain. If you go on a race and a gleambow starts you will receive a tooltip (the press E to learn things that tell you how to play the game). There is one for Gleambow Race:


You want to make sure that this tooltip is UNCHECKED (like shown in the picture). You can navigate to this window by clicking Tab> Knowledge>TIPS at the top right of the window> Scroll down to the 5th section called combat and you will see Gleambow Race.

If this has no checkbox beside it, it means it will show up the next time you encounter this event (just like if you uncheck the furnace one, the next time you click on a furnace it pops up).

When the tooltip pops up, never hit to ‘learn it’. This will cause it to keep popping up. It pops up whenever a Gleambow Meteor spawns above you, the moment it spawns.

This is faster detection then if you just keep looking. Once the tooltip appears on your screen just look up, find the direction and chase it down. This will significantly increase the speed at which you are hunting meteors.

5) Tactics

Personally, I have my items setup on my toolbar so I can quickly slide between them while running:

(Starting left) Healing item (for when I hit too hard), Attack/Eat (for if I encounter something), Gleambow/Autolooter, Grapple duel wield for speed/travel, Drink/Food buff refills for when they run out.

I will dual wield grapple to a new region. See if gleambow racing event tooltip pops up. If it does, I look up to see the direction of the meteor.

The timer on the meteor doesn’t start until it hits the ground, so all ground you can cover while it is flying is free! Once it lands, I will continue to charge at it using dual grapples.

Once I am within range to run to it, I will run in with my gleamtotem and auto looter ready. I will ensure I have my speed buff up.

I smack the sides of the meteor and get INSIDE as quickly as I can. Once inside, the mobs that spawn to defend the meteor are useless. They can’t pick you up because you are inside the meteor.

I then start to break everything from the bottom/sides and try and leave the top. Once 50% are broken, the meteor is a win. I step out, kill the cuttles and collect the rest of the loot.

Rinse and repeat in the next direction.

Please share your tactics for hunting these meteors! If you find any tips/tricks please share them below <3 Lets get some GLEAMMMMBOWS hehe. Ugh, stuck at work for 9 hours…but after that…GLEAMBOOWWSSS :smiley:

Suspended public hunts

Thanks this should help with the frustration lol


This actually belongs here too. Make your meteors look HUGE and easier to see in the sky!


I don’t see this


tagris ur a god for posting this


For added challenge and entertainment, do it on a lava planet! I got 10+ gleambow meteors within about 30 minutes on Till (couldn’t chase all of them because multiple would spawn at the same time). I guess no one likes to hunt on Till. That means lots of meteors for me! Got a 100% gleam level 3 meteor all to myself.


It only shows up on that list if you “press whatever button” to dismiss or whatever I believe. idk if you are pc or ps4, on pc i know the button is “e”. so the notification should still pop up for you when a race starts if you don’t “acknowledge” it.


I see no notifications at all for this event.


Strategy that worked well for me when grabbed by a Gleamtrunk:

  • Switch to slingbow / grapple equip
  • Shoot grapple next to meteor. Not directly on meteor as someone else may dig it away removing your hook
  • Kill Gleamtrunk
  • Reel back to meteor
  • Release grapple and continue

Just takes some seconds, prevents death and stops that Gleamtrunk from bothering you again


Heres a tip: Dont go in hoping that you’ll get a bunch of new gleam to build with :neutral_face:


After now spending 5 hours looking for gleambows, I’m yet to reach one in time + have only come across 3 in total, and not one in the last hour of playing on Lvl 4 & 5 worlds.


It seems like there should be a note somewhere that this is not for newer players. The only one I’ve ever arrived at on time had spawned right on top of me probably because another player triggered it. I don’t have fast grapples yet, but maxing my agility, jumping, and using the max speed brew was not enough to get me to any of there soon enough to hit them even once. This also includes tracking their direction the moment they appear in the sky after the tooltip. Also, this appears to be slowing down my normal oort farming because I’m not seeing as many normal meteors.


Try adding skill points into the grapple mastery. You should be able to reach them with an unforged titanium grapple if you are comfortable with grapples.


have just completed two, but only after I teamed up with another player.


For a solo player, grapple to the ground next to the meteor, break enough blocks to climb inside the meteor and and break the blocks below you until the meteor is complete then murder the gleam trunks!! And collect the rest of the loot!!


One of the problems I had was not seeing the meteors that were falling. I could hear them, but not see them. Turning up my chunk download rate in settings fixed it. At 2 mb I rarely saw anything in the sky until it was nearly on the ground. At 8, I have lots of time to see them.


I think this may be my issue too, which would explain a lot.
The player I was with started running and I followed him. It wasn’t until we were right on the gleambow that I saw it.


Nope - don’t think I’m gonna make it to this one…


Tips are all nice, but I find this very frustrating. The meteors come down really far away from the spots that I am usually at, by the time I get there, the meteor is either gone or “lost”.

I am not a highly equipped player, and some of the tips seem to be more for pros (I have never found enough gems to make my own gem tools, never mind having enough coins to buy any). Recently I saw a meteor coming down not too far away, made my way to it and someone grappled past me so fast, that I couldn’t even see the player, I only saw the grapple line shooting past me and then going further away and further away. By the time I got to the meteor, it was completely looted and only the lootbox was left and the in the distance I saw the player icon in the radar disappearing in a portal.

So at this point I feel like this is only an event for Elite players and not for the usual casual player like me.

That’s my whining about this. Sorry. :wink:
Probably the worst event so far, the others were quite fun and less frustrating.


Yesterday I also noticed, that not all meteors seem to have the light emitting to find them. I saw two rainbow meteors coming down and couldn’t find them anywhere and I knew I wasn’t far away from them as I knew the region, and there is a lot of water as well (unless they land under water as well? that’d be new), but I couldn’t find the spot due to the lack of light emitting.