Gleambow Racing Extended for One Day


Hello folks,

Due to a slight issue with the tail end of the Gleambow event, we have some good news for you keen meteorite hunters out there.

We’ve extended the Gleambow Racing event by 24 hours, so the event will now end at midday GMT tomorrow - time to get out there and collect some last-minute Gleam!


This is funny. My girlfriend thinks that the only reason you keep the annoying snow everyone hates is because it would break something if you would turn it off. That just looks much more likely with this announcement. :slight_smile:


Sweet, time for one last gleam score!


Exo worlds pushed back :eyes::pensive:


I wish that this event could happen like one day a week, I love it.

Ps. even would take it if it happened once a month


Allow me to tell you not everyone hates the snow. My house is in a region where it snows and I totally like it.The house is made of ice too :joy:



Yay gleambow another day!


I’m way too excited about this. I got caught up doing some other stuff last night, so I’m glad I get another chance to get some bright colors!


If anyone wants to pair up tonight to make bigger meteors spawn, then split the gleam so we each get all the colors, lmk! I’ll be playing tonight around 8pm PDT. Experienced racers only please.


We’re not hiding anything. The Exchange was crashing once the event finished. The quickest way to stop it crashing is to extend the event. This will allow us to submit a patch to PlayStation for authorisation and release ASAP.


Silly Sony and their silly rules… oh well, best suit up for one last gleambow roundup!


agreed the snow is lovely <3


Is it bad that I’m glad for the mess up? Also, I just now realized there’s oort and gold because there’s always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Is that why my game seemed really laggy yesterday? Went on a hunt on Alcyon yesterday and it became unplayable. My grapples kept disingauging or not releasing. End up in the lava 4 or 5 times and quit half way through.


This and other intermittent events could be very be nice. There would be massive hunting parties every time :smiley:


Fixed better :grin:


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