Gleambow Racing is Coming Back to Boundless!

Greetings Citizens

We loved sharing this event with you earlier in the year, so I’m delighted to reveal that towards the end of this month Gleambow Racing will be returning to Boundless!

For those who weren’t around for the last instance, Gleambow Racing involves certain special Meteorite strikes, identifiable via their multicoloured trails. When one of these strikes (on a level 3+ World), players will want to hurry to the impact site.

The Meteorites are made of randomised base Materials, in randomised colours, some which may never have been seen in the Boundless Universe before! Upon reaching the Meteorite, 50% of these Blocks must be destroyed within the given time limit, using the special Gleambow Totem (crafted at a Workbench from an Elemental Fusion Core and a regular Totem). If this is not achieved, all Blocks will default to the World’s existing colours. The reward for a completed Meteorite will be Rough Oortstone and Gold Ore, as well as the abundance of Materials harvested from the Gleambow Meteorite itself.

The Rough Oortstone and Gold Ore will still be distributed equally, but anything you claim from the Gleambow Meteorite itself will be yours to keep.

So to recap;

  • Special Gleambow Meteorites will appear on Level 3+ Worlds
  • These are made of randomly-coloured blocks of random base Materials, and a scattering of Gleam
  • 50% of the Blocks must be destroyed within the time limit to ensure the rewards
  • Gleambow Totems must be used

This time around, at the start of the event we’ll also be releasing a brand new line of Gleam Storage items in Plain, Stylish and Ornate variants for you to keep all your shiny new Gleambow rewards in. These will still be available to be crafted after the event ends. New for this version of the event, Gleambow Meteorites may now also be made of Glass, and we’re going to be adding two awesome new cosmetics to the Exchange to go along with the ever-popular Gleamicorn Horn from last time.

The event will run from 1200GMT on Thursday the 28th November, until the same time on Tuesday the 10th December.

Cheers all, see you at the end of the Gleambow…


Yes! Missed it the first time around, super excited to see this come back!!


Well, looks like I have to call in sick to work again… “Hoarder mode, activated”

Edit: Wait, I genuinely have 11 days off from 29th to 9th hahaha, perfectly timed!


I can’t wait to chase the gleambow meteors again!
Gleambow totems ready from past event :boundless:




YAY!! :grin: Great news! So happy, thanks y’all!! :smiley: Love Gleambow!!

:rainbow::rainbow::rainbow: :trophy::trophy::trophy:


Ooo and new cosmetics?? Do we know what they are? I’m so excited I might cry :rofl:


The day i decide to be productive, Boundless strikes again.



Keep an eye on the exchange today, we have a promo going live there this lunchtime!


Ahhh damn you work! Someone update here when they find out pleeeasee!!


Edit: OP post edited. All is clear now.

Gleam Storage will go live at the beginning of the event, but are permanent - they will still be craftable afterwards.

Gleambow Meterorites are made of random materials, which this time includes Glass. I’ve edited the OP to be clearer on that point!


black gleam/glass meteorite gimmmmeeeeeeeeee :smiley:

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Really happy! Lets get our gear rdy!


Inspire us with a new gleambow roof…lol😁

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Anyone have a AOE 3x3 Gleambow Totem for sale :joy:

Have not done it before so looking forward to this event !!!

Mentally planning a new gleambow storage system…

Can gleambow totems be forged? I’m guessing not…?

Are these feasible to do solo with a good hunter spec?

Feed me information!!!

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This looks like super fun :slight_smile:


They were able to be forged last time.

Are they forged the same as hammers and such ? … for the AOE I mean
otherwise I will need to prep my forge :laughing: