Gleambow Racing

So went gleambow hunting with my guild on Cephonex Merika… spawned several meteors, but was unable to get to any of them before they were timed out. I am an experienced T6 hunter and couldn’t get there… my newer players never had a chance. I think the timer needs to seriously be reset to be longer. @james



I use mega fast brews to speed up. Prolly helps a little.

Speed is not my issue, Buugi and newer players have zero chance.

Yes i think so too.
I have done 3hunts while ive been playing boundless.
Think i have no chance :confused:

I think he just used bad punctuation.
He should have said

“Speed is not my issue, Buugi, and newer players have zero chance.”

As in, “Buggi, the speed is not the issue, also, the newer players have zero chance”

Yes i know. But she didnt so.

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Same as you gina. Me and guildie ran on a few planets and all the meteors went dormant before we even got there. Max agi, forged grapples, and double jump epic.

So far i dont like this event and i havnt even been able to participate in it yet cause I couldnt find anyone hunting them. Its kind of ridiculous that you cant do this by yourself. And since ive heard of dark red and black gleam i want as much of it as i can get but i suppose thats not going to happen so thats nice.

Edit: well I am glad to see they made it so you can hunt solo but i am not glad about the amount of gleam you get. How am i supposed to build with a few blocks of different colors :persevere:

I was solo exploring on xa frant and i got some gleamz hehe d

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I had heard they had fixed the time but my son and I were on Boori and we watched a gleambow meteorite land over a hill real close to us, took us less than 45 seconds to get to it and it had already turned to tangle and had gleam in it. We got two orts and I got a gold ore and my son a iron one.
I think the timing should be much longer and the tail should still be able to be seen, it is white and hard to see in the clouds so you lose the location of the meteorite when you go over a hill or have to dodge a mob of critters.

Personally, I had to respec my char to have max agility and max grapple. I also use lvl 4 fast brew (best i can craft xD) along with an avg forged grapple. Not low tier gear but not impossible for someone who plays regularly. If i go on hunts with a teammate, i win the meteor then leave the rest (50% left) for them. Aaand if youre playing with more than 1 person, you could win the meteor, keep the rest for them to collect, then go back and pool and equally divide all resources. Long story short, you just need 1 quick player with a quick-hitting totem (or forged even) to win it.

I was hitting them solo for a bit, using travel between other players as a spawning mechanism. Also had mega fast brew. I didn’t miss a single one today and got over a dozen mostly on mcrib. You really have to be active with that fast brew and grapple and really just fly. I was getting there with time to spare.

Really sucks for new players, I suppose. Maxing out speed is absolutely essential, especially in a group if you want to get any goods. Soo, anyone need a good grapple I suggest iconic’s shop on besevrona, the Slingbow Depot. Usually have some decent grapples there for sale.