Gleambow Swap & Sell: Prepare

If you are looking for a certain block type or certain color and are willing to either purchase it or trade for it, post here!

I only want gleam!

Selling/trading away EVERYTHING else

I don’t have set prices for sales, I’m not trying to make a massive profit, just trying to keep my storage organized and free of blocks I know I’ll never use. I’m sure we can reach a price that you find is fair :slight_smile:

I will trade for any non-permanent-world gleam color! Not looking for any specific quantity of any specific color, I know the demand is higher than the supply so I’ll take what I can get :slight_smile:
(I will considering purchasing gleam once the event is over)

I know this is probably premature for a lot of you, but I’m trying to get myself organized before the event because I know it’ll take me ages to sort through 255 colors on 20+ block types after the event! I don’t even want to bother sorting through the non-gleam blocks if I don’t have to, as I don’t intend to ever use them. Post here with the blocks/colors that you are interested in, and I will keep myself organized by potential trade If you’d like, I can keep you updated on what I’ve collected throughout the event in the blocks/colors that you are seeking. Even if you end up not selling/trading with me (no guarantee I’ll find the blocks you need!), no worries. I have to keep myself organized somehow and I don’t mind doing it by potential trade! Inevitably will have to reorganize when the event ends, anyway.


strong / deep / night -of- blue / cobalt / azure

Luminous yellow, bright yellow

Lavender, Strong Lavender, Deep Lavender


Bright Taupe, Light Berry…

There might be a few other good ones I’d be interested in, but that’s it in roughly most/least wanted (Gotta keep up with that hard to get paint demand :wink: )

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Any specific block type that you are looking for?

Just gleam. The goal is just for good mutation colors. :slight_smile:

Night orange trunks.
If you have any.
I got leftovers from past gleambow events.
Like around 50 different color

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I don’t have any currently but I’ll be on the lookout during the event. Will send them your way if I get lucky and find them!