Gleambow Totem Forge

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I’m trying to forge more gleambow totems for gleambow chasing and not sure what the best forge is. AOE, magnet + speed? Or does it need to have damage?


No damage needed, jst aoe speed most important, magent helpful, but any block you break on a gleambow meteor is yours only, so noone else can pick it up even if you dont have magnet. unles thy break it themself


Got it, thank you!!

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Huh didn’t know that. Figured it was like normal blocks and drops. Cause i know someone farming growth i can sit there with loot and take all the drops from them (orbs and growth)(tested that with @Ratchel one day… he wasn’t very happy with me :sweat_smile:)


3x3 + speed + magnet

It’s better to have full magnet even if you don’t have max speed imo

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Ya gleambow works special differently

I only used aoe and speed, even with groups of people around, and the blocks would just b on the ground waiting for me to pick them up. noone else could even see them after i break them

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Ahh so they work like mob drops. That’s good to know. Thanks for the info!

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Durability is also good in place of magnets since this forge can get expensive. So I go for speed/dura/aoe.