Gleambows on t7?

Do gleambows spawn on t7 planets?

I think I saw that they were not supposed to, but then read player reports of it happening?

And if they do spawn, does completing one count towards the ‘survival other fittest’ trophy?

Saw one yesterday on the T7, so guessing they do. Didnt go and chase it as it was a long way off, so cant answer the trophy question

Cool, thanks.

At least I know for sure they do, I can test out the trophy part myself!


They aren’t supposed to.

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That’s what I read!

Couldn’t remember where is saw it.

I better go now, before it gets ‘fixed’!

Yea plus you only have 3 hours till it’s gone so better act quick

@ghandymarshall were you yanking my chain!


Spawned at least 10 meteors very quickly, no gleambow. All the dead meteors lying about, none of them gleambows :neutral_face:

Well, at least I’ll map the place before it disappears!

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