Glitch World - Is Moving!

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Hello Boundless Friends!!

The last I wrote, I was upset about certain things not happening. Since the announcement of the games sale, and our issues resolves, we have come back in FULL force and have decided, we are going to prepare for the games future with Monumental.

What does this mean?

I read-- somewhere from @monty1 that the game’s plan is to go Free to Play after some changes to the new player experience, and a relaunch was to come. – IF this is what I remember, than I don’t wish to re-experience the pain of having to wait multiple months to get an issue resolves. So–

I am announcing it here. Glitch World will be leaving Refgar for our own Sovereign Planet.

We are currently in the process of crafting materials, grinding levels to build up the necessary plots for our infrastructure for the planet, and making plans for builds to be relocated over onto the new planet.

We are looking to move to the planet-- Currently named “Kabi” which has it’s own TNT portal right now named “NONIE”

There is a lot yet to do, but we hope to open the planet for everyone, who wishes to move in with us, or build something with us… sometime in January - February timeframe. [Gotta allow for time for the Holidays, and the Boundless Meetup at MAGFest in January!]

I am proud to announce this formally.


We have some new names to our community who are Leaders and Managers for our guild. And I want them to be specifically mentioned!

Central District, also known as Purple District will be run by JT
Silver district or, the Southern District will be run by Nonie.
Blue District, or the Western District will be run by Inky.
Red District, or the Eastern District, will be run by Alfey.
Green District, or the Northern District will be run by Scarlet.

Our new Managers Team who help and support the leaders

The decisions were hard to make, there were a lot of applicants who wished to apply to join our team!

But I really just want everyone to know, just how excited everyone is for this big change.

Each District is 140 plots long, and goes back… About 309 plots to where they meet the other side.
Each district should have a central road two-wide so it’s easy to distinguish where the center path is to head back to the center.
Each District will have it’s own color, or theme to it.
Green: Garden
Red: Gotham/Super Hero/Villian
Silver: Gothic/Modern
Blue: Tech/Futuristic
Purple: Market-style

We have a 6KM planet for our future.
309 plots for your “across the planet” planning purposes single road 618~ plots for your “across the planet” planning purposes double road. Total for all 3 roads [Double middle, single sides]: 1238 Total for all 3 roads [all doubles] 1857

MAJOR Shoutout to everyone who has helped so far! AND SO MUCH MORE TO DO!!!

HUGEEE THANKS to everyone who is helping!
Aria, Sephiroth, Florpian, LadyBird, Inky, Alfey, JT, Mirva, Ardele, Toi, Celine, Dexx, Moka, Scarlet, Holly, Angelic, Carolann, Undead, Kasaisaru, RealStupify/Icee112, Angel, Bunny, All of the HUnt Leaders who have held hunts for us to build up some oort after our long hiatus, Greenroc, Deathicus, and MANY others who have stepped up and given donations of items. YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!

We plan to make a Thank you wall which will be in our City thanking everyone who helps. <3




when ever you move i would like another portal token i love going to glitch world :slight_smile:

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