Glitching Everywere

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I’m Glitching Everywere Without it saying [Unplayable Connection] I get random jumps everywere I’m hearing I’m not the only one experiencing this right now can you check on it please :cookie: :heart:

@james @vdragon


Hey Cookie. I’m curious, are the developers still addressing issues? I haven’t been active much.

Developers? Where?

the developers even less

Yeh Nightstar’s got Parkinson’s or something.

Sometimes it comes without any “unplayable connection” warning at all :stuck_out_tongue:

So far I only died from rubberbanding once heh.

But he does get to twitching around, just while clearing rocks on a quiet T6 even.

same here, i getting random acts and crouch consistently failing while building, walls disappearing and coming back while placing blocks and killing me if i get to close

I thought I was just being an idiot not crouching “properly” when building. Good to know I’m not a complete fool.


the same effect as described by cookie can be caused by a lot of dropped blocks on the planet.

I saw @HOST grappling the roof and let’s himself down and still on the grapple reaching the floor and boom! Dead. Seems people die a lot lately from senseless things

I understand rubberbanding happens what I’m saying it’s happening every 10 min I’m rubberbanding

Wait … you can crouch?

holding C I presume, sadly does not work on chisseled blocks

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Yeah default button is hold “C” for crouch on PC.

There are settings to make it a toggle if you use it a lot. I don’t like that because I forget and end up drowning from it.

It not only stops you from walking off of block edges (not slopes) but also stops you from sliding on ice/slide blocks.

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I only see a command for creep, and that is just ‘walk slowly’ (with a side order of ‘not falling off things’ ) … I’ve put it in 3rd person over the shoulder mode (and run outside to be physically sick as 3rd person over the shoulder is the devil) and my little Moony stays standing on creep. :disappointed:

I can’t see a crouch command anywhere … :male_detective: :weary: .

Am I being blind?

No, they’re referring to the creep when they say crouch lol

ahhhhhhhhh … i’m with ya … i was hopeful for a second that i could do some crawling through tiny gaps!

Confirmed, whatever happens when you press “C”.

Someone said crouch, I just kept saying crouch :blush:

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Yeah bud, C or circle. Makes you do a sassy walk too. But I think it’s like grappling, it all goes to hell with a chiselled block involved.