Glow grapple


Do any of you sell a strong glowing grapple by chance, with +range?


I was actually considering making an attempt at forging something like that, once I’d gotten some materials set up for myself. But; I’ve never tried to use the forge before!


If you need a grapple with glow, durability, and range I can make one.
I usually make grapples with diamond or emerald.



Great forger. This is who I get all of my gear from. He can make anything I ask for.


I remember you! You were literally buying out all my LEDs in my gyosha mall shop as I was setting them on the stands! Haha twice!

Didn’t think you still played!


I took a small break then came back.
I used those LEDs in my shop lol.


You’re so silly Sterb. I’m dying in laughter here. If Laxus doesn’t take care of this I will.


I hadn’t either until I decided I wanted some farming-related stuff in my shop! So, I resolved to learn how to make some solidifiers and liquid breakers, and set about making a few needed supplies, rearranged my crafter character’s skills a bit and went to it.
This was a big help in letting me figure out what I needed to do. Admittedly, it made a lot more sense after I’d given actual forging a go, but it helped me decide what materials to make.
Just give it a try sometime. :smiley: