Glyph Intergration

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Once upon a time we had glyph bricks. If I remember correctly they were removed for aesthetic reasons.

As a compromise, to reinclude the interesting language you created, perhaps you could consider adding the Glyph Symbols as emoticons? And as an added suggestion, allow the use of emoticons on signs.

I’d love to be able to write my signs in the traditional Oort language (even if nobody but @Stretchious understood them).


This ∆∆∆∆ x10

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What? Are you telling me nobody else has memorized the Oortian glyph language or citizens alphabet?


I agree with this
I tried to write some random glyph on the wall of my build.
But precise chisels can only divide blocks by two, didn’t get enough space for another line…and now it looks more like tetris blocks than actual glyph :sweat_smile:

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