Go Devs go! Y'all got this!

I just wanted to cheer the devs on. They must be working super hard to make all the updates before they go to PAX. Go devs go!


Do they even go to pax? isnt pax in the states?

I was wondering if he knew something I didn’t

I thought one of the devs said it, but I cannot seem to find the post anymore. I might be imagining the whole thing.

We’re not going to be at PAX. But we were seriously thinking about it. So it’s definitely possible someone mentioned it - somewhere. Ultimately we decided that the game needed a little longer in the oven before we wave a large flag about it. But everything we were working on for PAX will be in the next release. So you’ll get to see stuff soon.


‘‘Soon’’ i have heard that one before, still waiting on your video xD

They might be waiting on the video until the game is more cooked.