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Come hang out! - youtube.com/ovisgaming

I’ll be bumping this topic each time I go live, to not flood the forums with indivdual posts :+1:

What is the my livestream about?
I am doing a Let’s Play where each episode I will be doing a bunch of things towards the progression of my character and settlement. (I’ll be keeping the less entertaining grinding off of camera, unless it’s the first time (first gem mining session for example))

I have gotten rid of all my items and coin and have moved to a new planet, Xa Frant. I have kept the same 3 characters so I still have my skill points, which will make the progression a bit quicker and watchable (no hitting a tree with a totem for 10 minutes).

What can you expect from this livestream?
I will be focusing mainly on building, hunting and progressing (working towards better tools, weapons and blocks).

With the building side of things I am makng a flying air base powered by spark, which resides over a river hidden by a huge cliff face! (this cliff is truly amazing, one of my favourite natural places in Boundless for sure!)

When it comes to hunting I like going out of solo hunts finding new and cool ways to complete the meteors, whether than be finding unique ways to counter mobs, taking advantage of a cratures AI or just trying to get the greatest trick shots to finish the creatures off (I’ve done some amazing shots off of camera, but I understand that “pics or it didn’t happen” applies here :handshake:)

I love the progression in this game and plan to take it all in without making a hard rush for the best of the best gem gear. As I am writing this, I’m at the stage of getting access to Silver Alloy, so I’ll be playing with Silver gear for a while, till I progress to the point where Titanium is accessible for me to get, then gems so on so on.

My schedule?
Right now my work life is a little spontaneous and can take me up and down the country for days at a time, so the best thing to do is subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when I’m live :wink: …or just watch out for this post :joy:
^ (I’ll update this paragraph when I actually get to keep to a shedule!)


I’ll be live in 30 minutes to pick up from where I got cut off yesterday after 20 minutes of unsuccessful streaming… :smiley:

10/12/18 - 20 Minutes (8.30 UTC) - Heading to a Tier 4 planet to do some solo hunting, in search for some centraforge goodies!

Link to stream in original post :smiley:

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