Going LIVE on YouTube - Livestream - Building Enchanter's Tower

It has been too long! I’ve had enough! I NEED Boundless back in my life!!

Everything despawned. But my ideas for builds and everything Boundless have been spawning like crazy!

I will be starting from scratch with a brand new character and I am going to be streaming the whole thing - think of this as a “Live Action Let’s Play”, cannot wait to get my hands on some wooden tools :joy:

Come watch me blast through the early game tonight/today at 7pm (UTC):

Aktubio! :fist:


Yabo. Welcome back

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Hombo eema!
Welcome back Ovis😉

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@Buugi - Yabo Buugi! Thanks :slight_smile:

@Lord-Proteus - Cheers Proteus, good to be back! :slight_smile:

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Going live :fist:


I like your mailbox too lol

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It’s a very nice mailbox.

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:sunglasses:so good you are back!

looking forward to see what you will do with your rediscovered boundless energy!


Hey Mitt! Great to be back :smiley: The energy I have for Boundless atm is definitely boundless :joy:

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Why am I so slow in the head sometimes? lol. I just realised that you are my neighbor on Dzassak, Mittekemuis. You introduced yourself to me that day and I wasn’t very talkative. I apologize for that but my head was all over the place that day lol.

But, I’ve only just now put 2 and 2 together. I’m an idiot! lol. I love your build there btw. I hope to get around to building what I have planned for there real soon. My ‘placeholder’ build is starting to look a little out of place with all the great things you guys are doing there lately. I must get on it soon. :slight_smile:

@Ovis - Great stream last night. Sorry I couldn’t stick around for long. I look forward to the next stream though. :slight_smile:

I will be streaming again tonight at 7pm (UTC time-zone)! :smile:

We’re past the stone tools, time to set up a base and mark my scent on Xa Frant! Not like a dog does… no promises.


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Don’t worry about it! I am guilty too. I had been thinking of speaking with you about a plan to blend our builds more but yeah you know…life goes on and other projects come up…
Let keep it at the back of our minds and do this when we both have 30 min to spare :smiley:


I was thinking the same thing tbh lol. I love how you’ve blended into the natural surroundings and I was thinking that maybe I could give you 2 of the plots between us to give you a bit more room and on my side, I could make a wooden walkway (I planned a wooden walkway out over the water a bit, both could blend together) between our builds then and have it stepped down to come level with yours.

Just an idea off the top of my head. But yea, we can sort something out, no problem. :slight_smile:

I’m LIVE right now, today we’re building an Enchanter’s Tower then going to go for a little hunt to get some animal drops so we can start forging!