Gold Sink

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It has been made clear that there will be taken stuff out of the economy in different ways but how exactly is that going to happen? This is very important to hinter inflation of golds value.

Here is some of the ideas for how gold could leave the Oort economy from the old forum: (gold is a word used for whatever kind of economy we are going to have)

  • Making reparation of tools, weapons and armor cost gold
  • Some recipes could have a gold cost
  • Sustaining beacons could have a gold cost
  • Hiring NPC vendors
  • Lose of gold on death

Other ways to stop inflation

  • Making monsters have a diminishing return in gold as gold becomes to common
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You forgot the idea of monsters taking your gold if you die, so you’d have to kill them to get it back (or someone else gets it)
Combine it with a kind of fixed amount of gold and the diminishing gold drops if noone dies but everyone kills monsters that drop gold and I’d say the problem is almost solved.

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atleast say humanoids. a boar shouldnt take your gold when it kills you for example. but i think they should allow you to drop all gold on death so you need to keep it stored somewhere safe.

but yes there should be a goldsink

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yea humanoids, maybe dragons or magpies, just things that make sense.

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So i have this feeling i should make a suggestion thread about making loot make sense?


that is a great idea^^

i already did that. so screw you !!

Ah i see (We really need a gameplay category)

its called corpse looting in oort online

Found it already :slight_smile:
The discourse search mechanics are awesome. Just write “loot” in the search bar.

beasts shouldn’t drop gold

gold should be a rare mineral that is dug up in mines and sold and/or traded for

either that or the economy shouldn’t be gold based at all, It should be a barter system
I have 25 wolf pelts I got while exploring but my skills are set to exploration and combat
your spec is set for armorer and smithing and you can make a set of leather armor for 15 pelts
I trade my 25 pelts for a full new set of leather armor

I now have a new useful set of armor that I couldn’t have made myself
You profited by 10 pelts (2/3rds of an armor set)

That discussion should be taking place here:

there still need to be a form of currency. its really hard to control an economy on trading stuff alone.

I think that a variety of useful materials should be craftable into a currency format and used for trading. Players will then decide what material they value most. I think the devs should leave it pretty open and just let it happen. We’ll figure it out, we’re smart sentient creature internet things.

As long as we can do the crafting, the trading, and also still use the currency as a resource, it’ll work out.

this is pretty indepth look on how economy works in mmo’s

Well, why make them craftable to a currency when they can be used in the state you find them? For Example: Lets not take “gold” for money, but Crystal Shards or a special kind of gem which is found on all worlds and in the loot of many monsters/creatures. So you can use those shards for repairing your armor, fueling/installing your beacon, fueling your flight tool, pay the delivery of an item per mail system, … Short: Give it many uses so that everyone want to have it. Of cause other mats can still be traded and you don’t have to use only those shards for all the tasks. But to have the feeling of a curency it have to be ONE currency.

Also, like I said on another topic, having a currency made out of different materials (like wood -> 1 Shard, Iron -> 10 Shards, Dyamonds -> 50, …) you would fix up the worth of all those mats which can be made to the currency. That would be contraproductive, cuz all worths of the stuff you can get ingame should be player made, not made by the game itself.

The only reason I suggest making them craftable into a “coin” type item is purely for the aesthetic, nothing practical. That kind of thing adds a touch of detail to what could be an otherwise unimpressive and bland barter good that would hardly set Oort apart.

Practicality is important but Oort also wants to make a statement about it’s identity as a rich game universe. One small thing can sometimes result in something feeling just right. It’s hard to achieve sometimes.

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So if this “crafting into coins” is just made out of a single, global available ressource and is used for many tasks like I talked about then, yeah, it should work … May be it will be no coins, but refined gems or shards for aesthetic reasons (and to build a distance to the “casual other games” :wink: )

why not just have freaking copper, gold and silver like other games? it will get extremely complicated if you want to do a trade system, that is when it starts to become near impossible to become a seller

There is a subtle difference between making something possible- and forcing it on your players. I’m proposing making the tools available for us to make our own system, and differing systems. What you need to realise is that a complex economy will develop down into a much more satisfying and simple one- one we’ll be responsible for. Sandbox economies aren’t the same as traditional MMOs- especially if you provide lots of different play-styles and game-goals.

We need tools, resources, recipes and a medium for trading. We’ll figure out what the rules are together in-game. People do that all the time, as that article you linked stated in the very first part. And it’ll be fun!