Golden fist


Where is golden fist


Like a shop to buy one or something else?


This is all I know. I’m sure there are more portals to it now tho.


That’s old isn’t it?


Yes but their location hasn’t changed and they still have a connection to PS. And the one you posted doesn’t actually say where those portals are located. I.E. DKs Ultima mall or tree or the old player/shop portal area or the new one for Ultima. I dont know where tnt is located or what their hub looks like. So I went with the one that had clear directions


Good feedback, didn’t notice that the post indeed doesn’t have clear directions.


Oh wow,

It should not be this hard to find the shop.

Where would you all expect a portal? I’ll see if we can open some new ones.


You just need to actually say what portals you have in one of your posts. Like I can see that you have an Ultima one in a screenshot but where’s it located in Ultima? The tnt one is there levels or a shop only area for portals etc.

Accessed From:

  • Ultima Shopping Hub
  • Portal Seekers Grovidias Te
  • TNT (top level South side)
  • Anarchy (east side)
  • Cloud City (Ultima Imdaari Hub)
  • Dwarf Fortress (Imdaari)

^^^ I would suggest putting CaptainCrunk in charge of giving directions!

Your directions are more detailed, but only include 2 out of 6 portals:
The Golden Fist is accessible from the east side of the Ultima Aqua Hub (middle level). It can also be reached from the Gravidias Te Portal Seekers Hub. The portal is located behind the portal guidelines sign.


I saw the main portal to Ultima Mall (Finata?) went down. Will you be replacing it with a portal to the New Ultima Mall?

Me and my friends get to the Golden Fist now via the PS portal - a good portal to have.

Slightly off topic but does anyone actually know what happened to the original Ultima Mall, I used to go there quite a bit but seems to have died off…


They are all closed I wanted to go there last night


It moved to erosha. I need to move mine maybe DK will see this and send me info on that?


Do you know why though? Did the warden stop playing? Seems like a very big move.


No idea I try to stay clear of politics lol


Sure :blush: what size do you need?


Hash (boss of Ult) still plays, Ult just wanted to start fresh with a new city design. I’ll be keeping Ultima Mall going on Finata for anyone who wants portals there, along with Ultima Tree on Eresho and DK’s Legendville Mall on Tana!

In fact, I’m gonna completely redo Ultima Mall on Finata soon! Same layout and floors (no portals will need to move), but new walls and spire :blush:


Howdy. Sorry for the confusion.

To access The Golden Fist:

  • Portal Seekers Grovidias Te
  • Meteor Meet
  • The Ultima Exchange
  • Fireborn (Minorengle)
  • TNT Hub
  • Anarchy Hub
  • Hearth Guard
  • 4KG City

We closed our Finata portal to get a new on in the new hub, but it looks like they need to open up more space for us to get a portal there. If you guys would like we can fire up the Finata portal in the meantime.


That seems like the best place to get there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can we get a portal in the ultima tree? I believe it is 3x5 from Eresho to Imdaari.

I’ll also work on posting clearing directions in our most recent shop thread.