Goo and pigment processor expert mode

Hey, I have been trying to get my head around the process of colour mixing to get myself a shop with every colour spray in it. I so far have just been playing around until I get a colour that I haven’t mixed yet (iIhave about 60), but the mixing seems to have little to do with the colour numbers and perhaps more to do with the colour saturation, so its taking me a little while to get my head around. so i have a few questions:

Are there certain colours that are good for mixing with? (and should I change some of my gleams to these colours?)

Is there a good way to get a better understanding of the colour mixing mechanics other than trial and error?

How do you not run our of goo with so few exo’s?

Any other tips etc?


I can’t help with most of that, but check out the advanced mode here(not on mobile):
It helped me understand color mixing a lot better.


wow that’s great thanks, will have to play with that for a bit.

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Even with just a little playing it seams to have answered some questions, think I need to change my gleam colours…

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Nice, awesome to hear. I haven’t started my gleam farm or color mixing yet, but I love how this tool visualizes the idea of the mixing. Glad to hear it works in practice as well. I haven’t even looked at the goo mutator tool, but I’ll definitely hit that once I get ready to start my farm.

It’s really easy to run out of goo if you go big farm like me. Never seems to be enough.

If you want to check out my farm you can go to alnitans through my portal called portalis planetarium via TNT alnitans hub. And then go behind my planetarium, you will see a small stand of rocks with a beacon next to it.

Go down the walkway in the rocks to see my farm.

I feel like I have to expand even more. Cant get all the colors I want yet.

I’ll probably make another floor for more mutation fields.

If you want to get to the nitty gritty math and stuff behind the scenes, this thread has responses from luca which explain it in detail. Goo mutation and color mixing both discussed there.

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