Goo, how it works?

Could someone give me specifics on goo growing, best farms or most efficient builds. I understand how to grow seeds and pigment, but want to know more on what I can do to maximize yields on both ends and on pigmenting . Thank you :pray:

Im starting the process on this myself as we speak

I’d also like to know if it’s possible to get seed yields of over 90% in gleam, bc it’s the only block where it changes color gradually, and it seems like the seed yield should be high enough to sustain the color change until you’re satisfied.

seed over 90% is possible on rock which is 95% but no point to use rock. max yield is 350%.

And i explain here why it’s not sustainable (seed less than 100%)

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I have it on rock and growth on the side which I was told helps seed production, but it still says 90%

you need a specific amount of growth around to boost the seed but it will never reach higher than 95%.

So eventually you’ll have to go get kernels again

yep… 10 character