Goo Noob

Alright kind people don’t chew me up and spit me out lol. I just started growing goo and I have a setup where there is a block or gleam and I have lava surrounding/flowing around it with one block of space between.

From what I have read my crop yield and seed yield are on point. The issue I’m running into is the maturity time of the goo. Not sure if different colors have different maturity times or not, but I tested out some different colors of goo and they range from 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, to 17 weeks.

So at first I thought to myself that maybe different colors actually have different maturity times, but then I notice I placed the same color 3 times and then it showed 3 different maturity times. Is anyone else having theses issues?! Lol I’ve tried to search in the forums for goo info, but it’s so new that there is plenty of trial and error! I would greatly appreciate anyone’s knowledge and sorry for being sooooo noobie lmao!

The lighting can affect the maturity time. Gleam lanterns placed at the correct distance which I do not remember will give the best result. Also remember no natural light use only gleam light.

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Yeah, you really want to make sure you make your grow room light proof from the outside.

Thank you so much just put gleam on the sides and they all evened out! Yes I have a fully inclosed build, I forgot to mention that in the original post! Thanks guys!

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I use the debug menu to check on crop lighting. The debug menu is a bit technical but very helpful and accurate. For for goo, to get 100% growth rate, make the goo is getting 0 units of sunlight and at least 20 units of gleam light. Without the debug menu, it’s mostly trial and error trying to find the optimal setup. Also worth, mentioning is that gleam lantern gives more light compared to to refined or natural gleam. Also white gleam gives more light compared to other colored gleam.

Time seems to be an estimate to me.

Also the tint will have an effect on growth time. White, luminous, cold, and crisp will give u the most benefit

For reference: