Goo obsession ;) Need a few gleam colors

So, I am truley enjoying my goo farm. I am setting up whole areas for my sole goal of Lavender, lol.
I would like to purchase a set of 50 of a couple gleam colors:
warm blue

I do not know if these are gleambows or exos or if i’m even being reasonable asking, but all I can do is ask :wink: People have been so generous in helping me put together a stash of lavender gleam, asking nothing in return. I do truley want to make these two requests a sale with prices and all as a way of expressing my gratitude in the help in feeding my obsession.

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All donesises. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s clear I’m sitll asleep and need coffee.

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If u still need I can check my storage I’m sure I have both in some such amount also pretty sureee both are still GB exclusive

I was able to get what I needed for my wee goo farm and I’m currently happliy mutating away, but as always, thanks for kindly offering!