Goo pricing

Thank you. I’ll try to calculate it out to see what I come up with. Is it okay if I dm you with my math?

I’ll share mine tomorrow, it includes mutation rates and has both rock and gleam variants. Bedtime first, almost 1am here :wink:


Okay so 6 to 1 is a good ratio. If its 6 to 1 then I can see buying kernals for 50c to 80c. Eventually you would get the coin back it seems. Hard for starting out, but doable once a threshold is reached

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Thank you
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Do you have a guide for optimal farm layout to get pigment return maximized? I seem to only get 215%

I don’t on hand but you can search the forums. It depends on what you want to do. Planting on gleam vs planting on rock, color mutations… Actually the thread that I learned the most from while starting out was actually started by you!

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Thank you @Scavenger

No problem @molav!

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Thanks guys just did some math, not super in depth but I can see now how 50c to 80c purchase of kernals makes sense. I’ll adjust my other thread when I can get on next

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I sell paints cheap so others can paint to there desires



That was my motivation for starting a paint store too! The cheaper the paints the prettier the boundless!

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I think spray cans should have durability instead of this one use stuff…

I would rather have 1 can with 6 uses instead of 6 cans… i know vendors would hate that though…

for that reason i dont even bother with goo kernels, and then the spray cans are over priced for a single use item. so pass

I dont buy them & I dont bother harvesting them, I think i have a bunch sitting in a chest some where when i accidentally do harvest them…

then people wont pay me a good prices for kernels they in turn turn around and make cans out of… yeah right im not going to sell the ones i do harvest.

In all honestly they will go into the crysominter when i need the space because im not going to waste my time going to a bunch of shops to offload what i have…

What price are you wanting to sell goo kernals at?


What would you consider a good price? Most people that I’ve seen selling kernels, sell out and do quite well.

I view this somewhat similar to selling beans & eyes to forgers & food crafters. It takes them time to make items out of the supplies and they spend money/time on their set-up. I wouldn’t not sell eyes or trophies because a forger might be able to make a 15k hammer with the ingredients.

When we make pigment & sprays, we have to set up a large area for them to grow, some can take months to grow if we don’t use high octane fertilizer(200-500c ea & has to be used several times during growth) on them, we have to keep spreadsheets of the formulas to mix the colors, we have to wait for Exos to get new kernels (and it costs 3400c to travel there) or buy them, we have to have a coiled processor and keep it fueled. You can’t just toss a bunch of pigments in the machine either or you’ll end up with nothing but a bunch of dark rose and warm fuchsia. We also lose seeds sometimes & get nothing when we harvest them.


friend, sold the sprays at 50c until someone lowered it to 25c, since then if the price is higher, you will not sell anything, since, who sells it at 25c, owns many quantities, or matches the price or offers exotic colors in large quantities, if not, it will happen to you, as I have had to lower prices, currently I sell about 7000 sprays at 25c each, of different colors


Yeah I was still going to sell the sprays for 25c, to match competition. The poll is for people selling the seeds.

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Thanks for this post, you guys have enticed me to start producing pigments/sprays with my big goo farm. :slight_smile:

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Weren’t you already going to if you have a farm already? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have a big goo farm, but I’ve been neglecting harvesting it. You guys have sparked my interest in it again.


Yeah I find goo farming an interesting thing to get into. Hopefully people give me some feedback in the poll so I can correctly purchase kernals from those who have them.

Is it too far down in the post to find? Should I put it in the original post?

Edit: There I moved it to the op

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