Good way to make coin?

Hi i have got like 1000+ hours on this game when it first came out on ps4 so im not a complete noob but i forgot to refuel my beacon so i lost everything and quit(Total idiot move i know).

Ive just started playing again this week and the economy has changed a lot, can anyone give me some tips on making coin?
Just general stuff like things that people buy a lot from baskets and stuff i can sell in my new shop in DKMall Knowhere

Thx for any help you can give on this subject.
P.S I hate being poor :frowning:

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This website should help you immensely.


Thanks that site looks like it will defo help

go to and upcoming city thats getting popular plot all the land around there mainhub flatten it and then leave it unused just swing by to collect footfall and trigger the need to have been there to get ff
just joking lol
to make coin its always same thing go grouphunt sell oort


Also exo planets. Go explore exos, gather goo, petroleum, resin, kindling kernals, and combustion. You can make some good coin from all those resources


put on a podcast and go mining on a t6. people always buy metals, gems and fuel. refine rocks for xp and get cubits as well as coin


how do you get to exo planets?

Get a chrysominter. Either make one yourself (it isnt TOO hard) or buy one from a shop. Try biitula that seems to be the most active trading planet. You can find them for 100 coins iirc.

When you go mining, use a character with volume crafting to turn all rock into stone, then stone doors. Stone doors mint for 1c each. That makes each stack of rock worth about 215 coins
(900 rock > 2500 stone > 215 stone doors)

Fibrous leaves mint for 1c each. Once you have a couple stacks of sackcloth you can safely mint the leaves.

Waxy earthyams, convert to wax then mint wax. Wax sells for .4c each.

900 waxy earthyams > 4995~ wax > 1998c

So almost 2k coins for a stack of earthyams, so they are worth a little over 2c each.

Spicy beans are needed for alot of useful recipes. You can sell for 20-40c each.

Oort stones are worth over 200c each. Kill roadrunners and do meteors. You can solo t3 meteors pretty early. If you see world chat organizing a hunt join in, you can get over 100 oort stones an hour.

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This is an example for the most recent exo

This forum post has all the information about the exo. What type and tier, what atmosphere level it is, when it appeared and when it will leave. It also shows you where the warp from is as well. If you go to that planet (in this case it says 42 blinksecs off Kol Huroo) you’ll see the planet flying around in the air. You might need to wait around and look in the sky before it shows up. If you have a totem with warp augment equipped to the totem and use it while pointing to the exo world, it’ll save the warp spot to your locations. Put down some warp conduits and interact with it to select the warp location and pay the 3400c fee to warp there. You would need the skill points into the warp distance skill to get to this planet as well.

That’s a very “manual” way to do it. If you go to that forum post for the planet and look at some of the replies you’ll see some people have “completed Atlases” and “location tokens” set up for the world. You can go get a location tokens from one of these people who explore the world’s pretty early into their life cycle. Save the location token and then warp using that location. This saves you the trouble of having to find the planet and using the warp augment to get their yourself.

And lastly you can always ask in the in game chat if anyone is heading there, and then meet up with them so you can get a free ride there without having to worry about having the skill points or using your own coin. If I’m ever going to an exo I’ll usually ask if someone near me needs a ride, sometimes people will announce in chat that they’re heading there. So ask around or keep your eyes on the chat if you need a free ride there.

Hope this short instructional post helps and hopefully I didn’t make anything too confusing. If you need more clarification on anything I put here please do ask


Can’t believe how helpful and supportive the community is here, i’ve been trying the things you suggeated and made over 200k so far. I can honestly not thank you all enough


Joined my first hunt today and got 450 ort stones which was just insane


Glad you’re finding some good money making methods :sweat_smile: this forum is very useful for information