Got killed and now I have nothing. Literally--nothing

No items, no tools, no recipes. Just feets and hands that can dig and acquire some things, but with no recipes, I can’t make tools.

(Yes, I said “feets” on purpose.)

Perhaps my items are somewhere in the world, but my recollection was that they fell into a place where I’d never be able to get them.

What’s the overall plan for this in the live game when the unfortunate happens?

Start from scratch; get some wood, make some tools.

Overall plan… this…

…possibly in the next release… or at least it should be on the test servers soon I think…

In order to make tools I have to have recipes, right?

Or have I forgotten something?

You need materials before the recipes appear, so you’ll probably need to punch a couple of trees first.

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As @Stretchious mentioned, in order for the recipes to show up, you need the materials. If you are playing the main branch of the game, simply move those items into the crafting menu. If you are playing the testing version, put them in your inventory and go over to the crafting menu.

Punched a fair number of trees, still can’t drop anything into the crafting dialog. 15 pieces of whatever I have not enough, then?

you might want to check this out or if you playing on the testing version check this one

if those wont work it might be a bug and you should send some screenshots and details.

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Did you have those 15 items in your inventory or hotbar?

If they’re in your hotbar, move them into your inventory and you should hopefully then be able to see some recipes in the crafting menu.

In the final game the first few basic recipes should be unlocked by default.
The rest will be hopefully unlocked by doing something we don’t know yet. Be it just testing or finding them in the world or something else.
(I know this wasn’t really your problem, but just wanted to have said it^^)

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