Grandeur Hunt per Event Calendar - PLEASE UPDATE EVENT CALEDAR

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We rre at the Grandeur hunt lodge, where is the hunt that is listed as starting t 12 on the event calendar?

I don’t see it on the hunt bot on discord. I like the idea of the calendar, but personally don’t find it reliable enough to base my attendance solely on that…

i dont see the oorbusters hunt on Discord but it happened ::weak impotent shrug of unresolve::

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The ODF/Grandeur Hunt normally happens at that time, they hunted yesterday at that time but must have decided to not hunt today.

Im available and on discord Xyberviri#5609 if something is out of date or needs to be updated some one can shoot me a message.

I messaged the hunt leader for the oortbusters hunt to get a idea if they are still hunting and ill remove them since i normally rely on some one telling me the hunt is no longer happening.

I also added a discord embed to a hunt channel so that when a hunt occurs it can also show up on the site.

this way players can check if there is a hunt announced over discord with out having to log into discord.

also if a hunt is happening not on there it should appear in that embed as well.


We are adjusting our time on our calendar so if it’s still setup right then it will just pull right bro?

I removed the additional calendars since people would get even more confused i think the old one you maintained still has the 9pm wednesday night hunt on it still :P, but i did already add that hunt to the calendar btw.

Oortbusters is hunting, I hunted with them this morning

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I am (in good spirits) envious of your mad coding skill, I love glue code

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