Graphic Settings - Custom Maximum

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I think i have all Settings on the maximum, but the range i can see is nothing in comparison to the early game

i miss the old times I can see more in distance with details and more XD

good old times old


my graphic card is sleeping with max settings at 30%

is it possible to allow player higher settings ?


I have a problem with this too and it kills my experience. I have a higher end graphics card and settings maxed out but it seems like I should be able to see in detail from further away

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@james I have major issues with this as well. So now rendering is causing me when I grapple and run forward fast for me to lag (without any connection issue) all over the place. I’m rubberbanding pretty bad. My grapple will stop in air right in front of me. It’s very odd. Something has happened and put a knife into the experience for sure upon the update.

For those on PS4 (PRO) there is a enhanced settings feature. Activate it when you are not in game. I don’t have this unfortunately so there is nothing I can do. My friend said he never seen the game run this smooth. So I’m assuming it combats the issue here for now.

my pc is a bit overkill since the new graphic (Nvidea 2080TI WC edition) and cpu(Intel I9 9900x) but still with the old i was not much higher on usage with max settings. Old was only a I5 and 5 year old Nvidea 970

I like nice Screenshots but with the Range i can see its not so nice


It seems there used to be a decent difference when changing the settings in BL, but now…I don’t notice much difference - even when everything is set at 8/ultimate. It also seems to take a bit longer for the planets to render, once I go through a portal - and they don’t render as far.:woman_shrugging:

(also using an i9 9900x + RTX 2080)

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