Graphical anomaly

I thought this was just a one-time thing, but its still half-glowing when fully-grown.
Lutrion, -1633N 71E alt 64

I’ll make sure not to harvest it! (And yes i restarted my ps4 and client twice and it’s still weirdly glowing.

It says it has 6 1/2 hours to go?

Is your farm underground or near a wall? Some of my goo lights up too when it’s daytime in the game.

I believe gleam behind it will do the same thing too. At least it does with grass(given there’s a chisel point near it)

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Its not near a wall and theres no light seeping in. There’s also only gleam on the floor, nowhere near this goo. Very strange!

@majorvex I meant the pic was taken when it wasnt fully grown, but by now it is :slight_smile:

Also had a look and yeah it’s definitely the color of daylight. There are no holes anywhere though! Plus its only half the goo thats lit up?

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It kinda looks like the same thing I had one time with grass:

Gleam wasn’t next to it but it was a few blocks away, was weird, it looked nice but no idea how I could replicate it


Yeah that looks exactly like mine!
So odd, as it doesnt actually impact growth rate.