Grappling Hook Combat Mechanics

Not sure if this was better in Suggestions or General Discussion?

Wanted to discuss it though, so here we are.

How is the grappling hook going to work in combat?

How do you want it to work?

Dual wielding has been discussed and even possibly flat-out confirmed?

[quote=“james, post:3, topic:613, full:true”]‘we want to allow holding weapons + tools in both hands.’

How is that going to affect your ability to grapple, and how will it integrate fluidly into combat, if at all?

I wanna know what we’re thinking!

Personally, I’d like most combat to be grounded. (aka unable to grapple while in ‘combat’ mode - simple!)

But you better BELIEVE I want to grapple onto a titan, blasting a weak spot in his armor from afar before latching on to close the distance and finish it off with a devastating melee attack!

Id imagine swinging around wildly would seriously deteriorate your aim.

It’d make it a lot harder to use heavy weapons, too!

Assuming dual wields make it in, and further assuming we eventually find some 2handed weapons to equip, the inability to grapple during their use would only make sense?

Can’t imagine a more satisfying feeling than swooping down tarzan style to facilitate chopping off a baddie’s face…

Binding people would be it’s best use. I think grappling hook will be heavily nerfed so you wont be going full tarzan on anyone in a fight.

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Love that idea! Grapple the enemy, slow em down! Rechargeable net style? Or hold Grapple to tie down?


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