Grappling Hook controls

I´ve been using the grappling hook quite excessively for the past few weeks (building mostly vertically atm) and noticed quite a flaw in the (current) control.
When you are hanging around and select something else than the grappling hook it becomes impossible to control your height/the length of the grappling hook rope which means that you have to constantly switch between the grappling hook and the other blocks/tools you want to use, which is (in my opinion) quite an inconvenience.

The (imo) easiest way to fix this would be to connect the effect of the space and shift key to your status (hanging on a rope / not hanging on a rope) and not on the tool you currently have selected.


This has bothered me for so long.

Well then lets hope that this issue

  1. gets some attention from the devs
  2. is not too hard to fix


D’oh apologies. yes lets hope it is would be kinda cool but wouldnt it also be something not done now for a balance reason? for example if the grappling hook can be adjusted at any time would that not make something like moving up and down while firing arrows a reality? would be a damn cool feature though, but its worth considering if it is intentional or just placeholder :smile:

Would that be problem for sniping those evil pigs that chase me across the map as I swing from tree to tree as Tarzan?
Are you getting at a possible pvp implication of being able to descend the rope like spider-pig and snipe others before disappearing into the dark without them being able to find you?

Given the fact that you can instantly switch between the bow and the grappling hook anyway I think that this would have no implication. The only difference would be that you have to press one button less.

you mean instantly like searching for the number on the keyboard for a second or two or scrolling through your tools and maybe stop too late so you have to scroll back?^^

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ahh… while i get the argument its really counterproductive you know? when you say ‘‘it would make almost no difference’’ then you are literally advocating for NOT bothering to make the feature

I put the grappling hook always on quickslot 1, so it´s quite easy to get it right in the first try^^

I always missjudge the distance. So I never use the number keys for that.
(That’s also one of the reasons I hate all the skill systems in other MMOs like WoW^^)

use a Naga then

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/d/d625e102fc6b02c1844cbba951d5045eed1f5df2.png" width=“666” height=“500”

i love the idea of it but its too damn small XD

i agree with kuma here though, again Vas, if you say ‘‘its easy to do’’ and ‘‘it doesnt make a difference’’ its still really contradicting isnt it? also the point was that you couldnt do them at the same time, if you have it on shift and space you can go up and down WHILE having an arrow out and aimed, so no matter how MLG pro you are, you cant do that with the current system :smile:

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I have one from logitech but it’s not really easier to hit these keys^^

Again, im generally not against the idea, i just said its important to think of it as a feature change rather than just ‘‘oh its just a change of life’’ which you seem to assume, maybe it will have unwanted consequences, as long as they can it in a way that feels as nice as now i wouldnt mind the changing it :smiley:

Never said that, all I said is that it would have no implication in the PvP balance.
At the moment it is just an unnecessary inconvenience and everyone who´s frequently building high structures knows what I´m talking about.

It definitely would have PvP balance implications.
I don’t think you can argue that doing 2 things at the same time and having to do them in serial doesn’t change something.

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Yeah it would probably have implications, what i meant to say was it would not break PvP balance. At most it would implement the y axis better/more fluent into combat which would make PvP faster and more dynamic, which is a good thing in my opinion. Like the air fight in Aion just with grappling hooks instead of free flight.

I mean you always have to test something to see if it really doesn’t break any balance.
But you might be right.

Well that’s why we play an alpha game :smile:

Yea^^ I just meant that you can’t say if it will or won’t affect balance yet^^


Yea not being able to move up and down is a huge pain when building. Also really inconvenient not being able to use my lamp/gleam when I’m exploring/swinging through a cave system. Would love to see that wall coming towards me before I smash into it and die.