Gravity system

Why do all the worlds have the same gravity,if we are in a universe with “hundreds” of different worlds and creatures. It makes sense that some world would have different gravity levels.
Now I’m not saying that we have worlds with gravity so low we can jump 5-7 blocks. But maybe 2-3 blocks for worlds with low gravity. Worlds with higher gravity would need to be traveled with special “Jump shoes” used for obvious reasons. “Weight shoes” for lower gravity worlds. Maybe low tier worlds would have more consist gravitational pulls,while higher tier worlds would be more unpredictable. Forcing players to bring their “Special shoes” for safe and easy traveling.


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Or if we want to get crazy:


I second this opinion. The similar gravity is in fact a trademark of the Oort who first settled these planets ;). After all, if they can portal between worlds across the universe, who’s to say that they can’t also change a planet’s gravity (and other environmental details) to better suit themselves?


Ok,but if they were to terraform the planets,all the planets would like a little similar.

not true, these planets have been abandoned for thousands of years. The natural flora could have caused any changes in appearance. The gravity would remain the same.

Just a note:
I’m not for or against gravity,I simply wanted to see how you guys feel,because of this fact,I will argue for both “teams” (Gravity,No gravity)

Ok,just because the portal technology works doesn’t mean the terraforming tech still does.

That’s is true,it could be rather annoying,but if the system was done well maybe it could be something people talk about when they hear Oort,with Titans of course.

That is exactly my point. Evolution has taken over and the flora has changed the planet itself, hence why they all look different now.

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Ok,can’t argue with that,but how do you feel about the “Special shoes”?
It would make sense that while the Oortians were working discovering new worlds they made special technology to keep them bound to their new planets.
We the _______ have found this tech and learned how to use it.

Yes indeed. I think that 3 things should be done.

  1. All official OO worlds should have “standard gravity”.
  2. Gravity should be manipulated in the WB for modders and private hosts.
  3. Boots should be moddable to increase or decrease the world’s gravity effect for the wearer.
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I like it.!!!

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Just as a side note: Changing gravity isn’t really terraforming. (Well depending on how you do it)
But what happens after the gravity change, “forms the terra” ^^