Great hunitng party

We’ve been for a hunt on Nasharil yesterday

It was great hunting in party; tons of monsters, tons of loots, thanks to @onebitknightly @Jiivita and @kipy for this nice experience, We must do this again some time.

P.S. i don’t know if i tag the right Kipy because in game the nick seems to have two “p”


That was some great hunting and fun too. I think @Karokendo and @Dzchan94 are making a portal there so we can fuel all the portals on Solum.


Oh my! :smiley: That would be great!

In 1 hours there will be 2 new portals (4 in total ) in Pixelgate - One to Munteen VII hunting ground and one to Vulpto/Epsilo. US West planets will have their portals afterwards :slight_smile:


Do Vulpto, epsilon is kinda boring.

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I’ve been constructing a secured portal hub on vulpto for a few days now. I haven’t 100% finished it, but it would make a good secure location. I will post coords in a few hours after work. Btw, need glass to finish…

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havok, we’re ready to make a portal in your hub. Just share location with us.

I will be home in 15 minutes. Coords to follow

It was Great fun last night… espicialy since it was my first time off Solum lol anyway I made a post on how to get the portal orientation you want w/o the trial and error O.o… Hope some ppl find it helpful… i’ll turn it into a vid when i can

It was Kippy

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