Great Shop with markers for every of 12 planets

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12 Plintches for 12 Planets with various markers

We invite you to visit Pixelgate city where we offer various markers for each of the 12 planets.

There are 12 plinthes, 3 for each region of US east, US west, Europe and Australia. Each plinth contains markers for most populated and interesting regions on certain planet. Everything is carefully sorted so you won’t get confused while shopping.

Each marker costs only 18coins and that’s for the purpose of maintaining the marker shop.

So if you want to visit Solim, Epsilo, Vulpto, Berlyn, Elopor, Nasharil, Munteen VII, Septerfon, Therka, Alturnik, Andooween or Vena V, you can always get what you need in our shop! :slight_smile:

How to find us?


You can find us at:
-200 1800
Planet: Solum (US east)

All players are welcome to visit us! :slight_smile: