Green and Orange Gleam?

Hello all,

I have a fair amount of the blue/white gleam and was wondering where I might find some green and Orange Gleam? I’m on US servers if that matters. What planets might the be on? And if you don’t mind sharing specifically where they might be i.e. Coordinates or regions. Anything is helpful.

Sincerely, a gleam enthusiast who wants fun colors.


That will be very useful for all the colors on everything. Thanks

Lamblis or lambis. I forget the spelling sorry , drops green gleam… it’s above ground not like red gleam which is in the water apparently , and on a different planet . I don’t know the coordinates but I think I just went straight out from the aqua portal and kept going until l ran into the gleam fields. I just assume any planet is like this. Just keep going until you bump into it. Enjoy gleaming the cube

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I’m in aquatopia now, I’m struggling finding the portal for Lambs do you remember what area that’s located in?

I believe there is a portal to there from portal huntwrs

Yes , sorry. You go through the ultima aqua hub I believe. I enter through planet Beckon. But it’s sane name I guess ? Ultima aqua hub inc HQ. the lamblis portal is at 195N 832E

Haha yeah I don’t think I went through that one I found like a big portal hub and went hard east and then hit a smaller town and went hard south. A really nice player has a huge base near where the green gleam spawn and he gave me some. Thanks for your help. I finally have some. Now onto the orange. Ps that planet has so much lava.