Greetings, new player here.

I love the game so far, I just unlocked the ability to craft door pieces :slight_smile:
My IGN name is “xeriah”, please add me!



Welcome to the world of Boundless !!

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Welcome. Explore, get use to portals while not getting lost in the sea of cities, and enjoy yourself. In game name the same as here. Aslo have BlackStone as my hunter. but my steam name is AwEsOm_O_3000 if you type Andy after the awesomso it should pop the correct and original awesomo3000.

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Hi! Welcome :slight_smile: If you ever decide to take up hunting, come and join the Portal Seekers. It’s such a lot of fun. My Steam name is Emma7 - feel free to add me :slight_smile:

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Welcome to Boundless!!!

Ty for all of the replies :slight_smile:

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