Griefed Worlds - Can't Find Players

Hey guys, I’m still extremely new to the game. I have about 93 minutes in game and have only seen extremely griefed worlds. Also I’ve been unable to come in contact with any other players.

Are these worlds dead? I’ve checked almost every single US West world and have literally found nothing. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or I’m on the wrong server. Please if anyone can help that would be awesome!

Try checking out Kovah people people tend to seek towards that one.

A solution for the worlds being huge messes will come up eventually just not right now.

The chat only extends for around 100 blocks so getting in contact can be hard even if there is people on the server.


Don’t mess with the city without permission though.

Hmm… I do not see Kovah in my list of options.

Oh it seems Kovah is down it will probably be up again shortly.

Alright. I’ll wait a bit and see if it comes back up.

Kovah is back up.

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