Griefing - Ideas of how to deal with it

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Hi there,

i would like to report a player Titanbane from Berlyn world for griefing my teleport

build a wall around it so no one can see it and use it as well as shop.

That behavior is toxic for the game cause im building teleports for all players for easy traveling.
And this portal is one of many that im building with moebius as a part of munteen VII transfer station for all players.

Please either talk tot his player or punish him for griefing and stopping other player for easy free of charge travels to big cities and other planets.



They should make a one plot radius exclusion zone for players that aren’t invited by a host to build next to them, to prevent this type of behavior.

In any case the solution should be fairly simple.

So no worries.

Hopefully things will work out, I trust the developers to solve this issue.


Phew, i thought a lot about this Situation and how to Deal with it now and i think there is no good way to Deal with this sort of Behaviour.
I think they tried to get rid of this by adding this “Every Plot and Below mine are reserved for me” Shi… Rule. But in my Oppinion that just Limits Building for everyone else so much that its really questionable if you should deal with this Problem at all…

imo the only real Option is to do it like the ooold American Settlers. First one who arrives gets Level 0 Rights, Second one 1 and so on… and with these Rights you are allowed to Vote for or against a new settler that built his stuff in your good ol settlement and based on your Rights-Level your Votes get weightened (Maybe you could even make it Like Prestige based+ Time settled and so on), and the Clue with Level 0 you can just kick, your votes allways count against everyone elses.
So if you just build a 1 Plot thing, and Lord Buttocks joins the ride by shelling your stuff, you just vote him out and after 24 hours his shi… stuff gets wild :wink:

Edit: This could even lead to some Action Movie Clichee, Crazy Mayor Situations… Lovely


I personally think this is a brilliant idea. It gives the weight of decision to the one/s who rightfully earned/deserve it and allows for a democratic solution while still keeping building and expanding easy and grief free. Well done. I’d say move this to suggestions.


Thank you very much Creggle, this words out of your mouth, are like balsam to my soul :blush: “no sarcasm included”

Should @Hashmalash just change the Subject or I start a new Thread?


ill change the subject

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brilliant idea. I hope it will be somehow implemented. Simple and easy to use.

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Are you talking about a certain amount of plots radius from the original settlers actual claimed plots that come under this rule?

This could lead to sceduled city council meetings 0_o. My gf is a town planner, did you guys really have to go and give her more power :wink:


On One Hand i can absolutelly Feel you Brother, but on the other hand, i think the game is totally about THIS xD.

@GreyArt247 Yeah, it should have a Radius xD, but not like a Classic Radius that grows like from the Home beacon to the outer rims, reserving everything inside, but like a 1 or 2 Plot Radius from each Plot thats Part of the Beacon/Settlement. And we need like an Handshake System for Situations where one Level 0 touches another Level 0, (Like a TCP/IP Handshake “you want to city?” “yes i want to city” “allright, then we city”).
This way we could get rid of the Up and Down Reservation and Open up so many new Opportunities Like Sky Cities or Underground Cities, without irritating Surface Area.
And what i like the most, we could throw “Thor - The City Destroying Street Algorythm” out the Window :wink:


So couldn’t someone just lay down a checkerboard of beacons which even if it’s just a 1 plot radius means that with just 100 plots available they could in effect control 900 plots. Just think how many plots a guild could lay claim to. They would be like estate agents, all they would need to do is keep the beacons fuelled. If you don’t want to be beholding to them you could perhaps negotiate to buy the beacon at an extortionate price :grinning:

Don’t get me wrong, the Radius doesn’t reserves, it just says: “If you Plot this, its part of Settlement xy and you’ll get Level x Rights”.But i think i get you, if they had this Chessboard thing, they could just throw everyone out, but i don’t see why anyone should be tempted to settle there, and a Guild that has just this chessboard claim wouldn’t be able to get really far into the game xD

But maybe the absolute Power should just be gone after a certain Settlement Status is reached and you got more like a Council of the 10 Oldest/Most Prestigious Claims that then shares this Power? Or Decidable Forms that you access via certain Prestige levels and so on? Like: “Whoooo i have now 3 Million Prestige, my Neighbours just 20k, and i Live here the Longest… I am the Dictator now”. Monarchies xDDD
And Sorry if i stray too far off now, but Claimwars?

I don’t think monarchies are a bad idea!
The nice thing is that the power it gives is self limiting…

King of the hill gets all self righteous and starts kicking people just coz he doesn’t like it? The town revolts, they un-connect themselves, they build a massive shrine on the plot of “he who would be a better leader”, reconnect and kick the king!
Boundless Mutiny™ DLC right there haha.
More likely, people just slowly move out, leaving him king of the heap. I like mass power in this instance


If the players can decide whether or not another player’s plots are retained, problems will inevitably arise.
People are easily fall when they in rights temptation.
I think such thing like this, official exercise justice would be better

Where is this location?

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1,384N -417E (altitude: 85)
Northeast of Astragalus Tendre - Berlyn

I have cleared the area from the blocks and claimed additional plots around this portal to prevent another blockage.
My friends beacon plots (Bacon) is surrounding it now for protection.

i have two screenshots while the wall was still there as a proof if you need them :slight_smile:

Ok the area was originally wild, ie. unplotted / unbeaconed?

yes the area around my portal was unbeaconed thats why he could build the wall around it to prevent others from seeing this portal.

this is first image while i was already dismantling the wall :slight_smile:

and here is second

So did he beacon the area where he built the wall? If so, screenshot and report. If he left it wild, world regen will remove it automatically after some time, or you could absolutely break and take the placed blocks. Nothing built in wild plots is protected, so you are not liable for breaking and taking the blocks yourself. Claim the wild plots in question for your self if you want a buffer zone.