Grindstone Town Ultima Aquarius US West Hub on Angel 1 All welcome :D

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Looking for a new place to call home or just add some foot traffic for your shop. Grindstone is a new shopping hub located on Angel 1.

Its a peaceful place to wander around and check out all of the shop portals. You don’t have to worry about any critters while you shop :smiley:

Come take a look if you like what you see open up a portal or claim one of the many open plots for your shop. I hope to see you around.


Sanbo is a nice guy and if you visit Grindstone make sure to check out the Temple of Commerce right across the plaza as you enter the shopping area. Lots of cheap tools to choose from.


Now the Hub for the Ultima Aquarius Network US West. More and more are building plots and opening portals every day. I like Angel 1 since all the critters are passive so you can shop or build in peace. We have a bunch of 3x3 plots open with road connections. If you would like to build bigger by all means do so we just ask that you make a road or something so somebody can build behind you. I hope to see you around.

We are growing more and more every day. Come check us out. If you like it there are a bunch of open 3x3 plots with roads and there is a large open section with a road to the west. Hope to see you around. Update just hit #2 gaining on Cap every day. We do have some plots that can be reclaimed for approved builders.


Yay, I see my Nautilus (or snail I guess) on one of those screenshots :slight_smile:

Hopefully I can finish it tonight before I go on vacation.


I can see my shanty in some of the pics lol
Wish ps4 rendered that well at that distance.

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yeah that’s why I went pc years ago and never looked back. Im a graphics junky lol.

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Finally made a Town discord. Hope to see you around.

Some amazing new builds going up. We have over 20 shop portals open and more just waiting for you :smiley: Stop by take a look. We are always welcoming people to join our town. Already #2 on the planet with #1 insight. Tons of areas to build if you want to open a shop or a place to call home. we have some great locations open still right outside of the hub area. with new area’s opening soon. We are super easy to find since we are the Ultima Aquarius US West hub. Hope to see ya soon.


Been an amazing place to build. Just started on a larger build that will eventually connect to Grindstone.
If you’re looking for a peaceful place to build and like being around some of the friendliest people I’ve found in game yet then Grindstone is the place to start


@blinvir, @Sanbo, @Hashmalash see portals closing and GS now rank Two with Blin splitting off. Need help to keep portals alive?

I didn’t split completely however decided to move on to other projects.
Grindstone used to be bustling and now it’s a ghost town.
Gets kinda lonely when it seems everyone had quit

would love to see my neighboring city boom up again… always liked having that friendly (legit) prestige war with you guys :slight_smile: … planning on setting up shop in GS… already got my spot claimed :slight_smile:

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I always thought Grindstone was one of the most aesthetically pleasing towns I’d seen. I was thinking about re-opening my shop there, since the road was completed by my old place.

Future of Grindstone??? :frowning:

Grindstone is fine. Sanbo, hash and myself are not going anywhere. I still plan on building the wharf there when I get more time. The 2 portals are temp closed because we are moving the destination portals. Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you for getting back to my post… i also plotted a road since whomever had it had their beacon expire…

love it great work :smile: