Groundplotting over spicy bean savannah

looks cool

is the layer of glacier on the plot border, meaning you can place your own blocks but boulders spawn as they are in the air block inside unplotted plots above?


Just to add to this … the average is still 35 players. We had a peak of about 75 recently and a low of about 18 through April.


Bingo bongo. All the colored glacier is at the top of the plot, so the space above is able to spawn boulders. It tool breaking that layer, placing water, turning the water into gleambow ice, and then chisel changing to glacier. The last step is optional, but I enjoy the aesthetics and ease of running around without slipping all over constantly.
One step that does not appear to be optional in order to actually get the boulders to spawn is the mining out of the area underneath in just like a two or 3 block high layer (in an unclaimed plot) and letting that naturally regen. Without doing this, the boulders will not spawn for some reason, but doing it once after finishing the ice is all it takes and the boulders will keep spawning like they did before. It does take some time after letting the mined out area regenerate. Like two or three days.


Any caves there?

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There weren’t for this particular area, but if there were, I would have made sure to mine down a layer into the floor of the cave spaces, just to get that regenerative effect.


picture taken from new exo, those floating glacier isles are packed with flowers shrooms and chips


all those ice flats below also :smiley:


aha! the small colored ice chip farm i had was the roof of a large open part of the ice castle i was going to make, it’s good to know that hollowing out under it matters