Groundplotting over spicy bean savannah

the lovely spicy bean savannah near sky mall on tana vii got ground-plotted over while a resource-bereft hill sits right next to the savannah to plot on. i detest whatever moves players to do this.


We feel your pain , this was a great Opal gathering spot.


there are many sov planets specially made for resources farm, opened for public,
really are you going to cry about ploted perma planets when there are few hundred sovs made for farm?


I’m always jaded on this because technically if it’s an area that can be plotted, it’s open for anyone to plot on. At the same time, this at times does get abused. In this case, there are plenty of spots for beans, it’s a big universe.


if they’re making colored stones it might be again, if they leave the plots just above the surface open, they can plot colored ice below it and the transparent stones will be in the colors. hopefully that’s what they end up doing and not just making a private thing.

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You find them, they dissapear

yeah and pushback is healthy

It’s not a big deal ,I hope a lot of concrete stores make Patterned Concrete , I now apply the time I used to spend gathering Opals on making Liber-Tea


what is liber-tea?

Can we make transparent stones? I’d like some!

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The ones you were hitting for the opals are transparent; those are what grow back in multicolors if the glacier below it gets replaced with multicolor ice or glacier; the plot of air above the ice has to be unplotted for the stones to grow. I’m guessing at what’s being made there based on the picture.

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Have you checked back to see if it’s growing back colored transparent stones where they’ve installed the colored ice? I once copied the idea off someone to make a small white transparent stone farm for a short time where the Cephonex Merica Tigg’s Tunnels used to be.

wait, wait… you can build chip farm?

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you don’t get more chips but wherever the glacier block top is the same as the plot cube top, you can use colored ice or glacier to have them come out in different colors than the planets’

interesting, so, eg i can coover ice/glacier biomes that comes with chips with colored ice to possible get different colored chip at given ice?
but i assume those ice must be last plotted layer? chips will come only at unplotted area aboce ice?
worth trying, oh i need now to find high tier icy sov with beacon perm :smiley:

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make sure there’s chips on the flat top, and the flat top has to be the 8th block from the bottom/1st block below the surface in the plot, i think you get it :smiley: i had a tier4 with an enormous glacier top in the right place but it didn’t have chips. i don’t recall chips on tier 6 either.

im sure checking high tier sovs for gleamballs i saw few with huge ice/glacier areas with chips on them,
i think those ice/glaciers merged with cloudtop trees got chips on them :slight_smile:

Feel free to check out the publicly accessible rainbow boulder chip farm that I made on Serp. It can be accessed through the Dragon Hub on Serp and the portal is called Rainbow Glacier. Enjoy. It took hours upon hours to make and if anyone is curious how to accomplish this, I can explain further as it’s not nearly as straightforward as one would hope.


I love how everyone in this game relies on everyone else to have psychic powers to know where they are and are not allowed to build. Rule # 18908234460876132084: don’t build on spots where people might be farming beans. Rule # 18908234460876132085: don’t build on spots where people might be farming boulders. Seriously?!?! The universe is huge and there are about 20 people playing. There are other spots!! Y’all’s expectations that people will know what every single other player in the entire universe is thinking is just ridiculous. Try thinking about things from someone else’s perspective for a change. The entire universe is literally resources. Should everyone avoid building everywhere there is a resource node? Along with avoiding building everywhere someone is already building, or might plan to build or thought about building once. Not to mention building in the right style, with the right colors, with the right blocks to please everyone else? This community is totally toxic. Just selfish people whining about what everyone else is doing.


I never really found it to be toxic, a select few out of the crowd. I also think anyone can build anywhere there aren’t any rules about where you can and can’t place a plot. However, there is just being respectful.