Group Cooperation Strategies

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Hey, y’all!

I was wondering if anyone had any interesting strategies they used to cooperate with friends/guilds/teams in Boundless, with a specific interest in crafting. Here are two images of a strategy we’ve been using in The Haven Collective, a lil group of my friends that have been playing for a couple weeks:

The number of torches next to the supplies is how many to drop off, and the number of torches next to the tools is how many you take once you’ve dropped that off. So in this case, 9 copper bars, 5 fibrous leaves, and 4 sap dropped off means you can take any 4 copper tools from the rack. (if you want a spanner or a grapple, you add the supplies next to those in addition.)

This makes mass crafting kind of a group activity for us!

I’ve been handling all the basic tools up to iron, and one of my friends has been doing a similar thing with food. Reducing the mass craft into its most basic, efficient components, and spreading the difficulty around to create a crafting level that’s like a bulk craft amount of gathering, but with a mass craft efficiency.

Do you guys do anything like this with your groups? I’m especially curious if you have found ways to formalize trading for forged goods among friends who have different amounts of time to spend on the game, but all need nice tools.


I haven’t done anything like that but as far as forging I follow the table below.

Desire boons@3000c + 500c per level
Desire Quirks@500, - 300 undesirable quirk
Defect. @-1000
Example diamond hammer is 3500 + 3 BOONS of choice = 9500 + 500c per level.

Usually folks can trade the item for coin or items of equal coin value.

So 95 shimmering orb valued at 100c per can buy you a forged hammer with 3 desired boons.


So you’re saying I can custom buy a bunch of forged goods from you, then turn around and sell them for 1k or 2k higher, without EVER touching a forge?

Mmm…in-ter-es-ting [insert sinister laugh here]


Assuming you can get me on the forge you could and I maintain a good stock of forge mats that is definitely possible. I forge just not religiously

Returns to being a potato


Back to russeting for you!

Edit: on topic, most of the groups I am part of just toss what they need in discord. Be it help or items.


That’s is true, P, his system is good but requires a bit of maintenance and trust.


that makes sense! and yeah, trust is easy here cause everyone with permissions are long-term friends. thank you so much @Rumplypigskin for this pricing guide on your forged items, though! @Sterbehilfe, I didn’t realize those prices were below market value, too!! I am surprised at how expensive forged goods get.


we just use a message board, made of sign modules of course