Group Hunt Help

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Hello all,

Kinda new to the game here. I am wondering if someone can help me list all of the active hunt groups out there, where to find detailed information (schedule, how to join, etc.), and how to get to the gathering hubs from PS hubs.

Also, how does community hunts work?
Do everyone gather at the scheduled time and whoever leads the hunt then direct everyone on where to go?
How are individual roles picked (do I need to talk to the hunt group before joining to spec my character according to what the group needs)?
Are there usually strict requirements to join?

Sorry for asking a lot of noob questions and thanks in advance!


The requirements are

  • be on time
  • know how to use your grapple
  • move when you told to
    if you are low Level see if you are better of rezzing/healing People.
    If you have maxed defenses and/or a good gem weapon kill stuff.
    Make sure to have a “lootstick”, Hand Held item with Auto loot on it.
    Thats coming from me who cannot go on Group hunts, i am sure someone will chime in on time.
    Enjoy what you do.
    And welcome to the game.
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They usually post the day/time on discord.

Some will run across a planet and head towards falling meteors. You should “track” the hunt leader so you don’t get too far behind or lost. Fight as much as you can. If you die, wait for a revive.

Some will have you enter a floating platform. Once they open the door, everyone runs through and you all trigger a meteor to fall.

If you are new, I suggest going with a group when they go to a lower tier T3 or T4 planet. If you go on a T6/T7 hunt, it can be over-whelming & almost impossible to survive or kill anything without the skills/weapons/food that are needed.

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That’s a pretty good run down. If you are low level with no real weapons just hang out in the background and try not to die. Rezzing people is good exp. The looking for group channel on the official discord is a great start to be notified when they happen.
The main groups that lead hunts are Duskmoor (DSK), Sasquatch, Iconic, Ultima, TNT, Legendville and Aussie Hunters (sorry if I forgot a group)
You will probably have to poke around a bit to figure out how to find the hubs and meet spots we are all fairly well connected and it shouldn’t be hard. You can always DM the leader and someone will usually direct you.

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Are you on DISCORD? Most will be posted and notified there.

Thanks for the replies!

I have fairly decent gem weapons and high enough levels to max out all the necessary skills, so I should be ok there. I just don’t know how to hunt as a group yet.

@Tamelcoe Thanks for the list!

@Aragorn I do have discord, but no mic.

*I was kindly invited to the Sasquatch group hunt but could not attend because of my work schedule/time zone difference. I will run around portal networks to find a good hub and look up their discord.

Best advice i can give you, is just follow the leader.
Do you know how to put tracking on a person?

And most of all, NEVER go through the doors of the hunt platforms unless the leader goes through first :slight_smile:

When majorvex mentioned tracking the leader I didn’t think of it in a literal sense as part of the game’s function. So how do you do that?

When you’re in the waiting area, shout “who is the leader of this hunt? Who should I track”? They will tell you and you go up to the player (right click I think) and select track.

It will give you a little icon on your top GPS bar so if you get behind, die, etc…you can easily find them. Sometimes, a small group will splinter off the wrong way from the leader…this is when the tracking feature is really helpful, so you don’t go the wrong way. Otherwise, it can get confusing.

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Thanks a bunch!

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Just like @majorvex said! It’ll make the leader show up as a big orange icon on your bar and it’ll be very easy to track/follow them :slight_smile:

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Oh, and since i assume you haven’t been to a hunting platform before, this is how it goes down:

A hunting platform is a small plotted area high up in the sky, consisting of 2 parts.
The first part is the waiting area, which has a door to the actual platform area.

When starting a hunt, the leader will guide the group through a few portals until you get to the first waiting area.
You then simply wait there until you see the leader opening the door, and you follow them through straight away onto the platform.
Then the group waits until a meteor spawns in the sky. Once one spawns, wait for the leader to confirm what direction to go in (again, simply follow the leader and don’t jump off because others do :slight_smile: ).

Once you see the leader jump off, you jump off the platform. Make sure you have a grapple selected as most are very big jumps! Just before you hit the ground (not applicable if you land over 2+ blocks deep water), grapple the ground so you don’t die of fall damage.
Then just follow the leader to the meteor, kill/ress/heal and have fun!
Once the meteor is completed, make sure you walk close to it to reap the rewards. The leader will then open up a portal to the new platform, you go through it and you will walk into the waiting area, and you just repeat the same steps again!

This is the last group hunt that I recorded. (Not all platform hunts work exactly this way…some are slightly different, but I think this gives you a good idea)

Also friending the hunt leaders or a few of the regular folks on the hunts you attend is a good idea for warping to them if you get lost, fall behind, or are running late.
When would your hunting hours be around?
*Edit sorry warping to a friend is done at the sanctum. It’s 100c provided you’re on the same planet. It’s the portal on the right side

@Sujimichi88 @majorvex @Tamelcoe : great explanation, tips, and video! Can’t wait to join a group hunt.


Thank you Soo much for coming on the T6 DSK hunt I lead tonight!!! I didn’t see this post till just now!

Id say, you did a darn good job running around malarialakrib with a green health bar!! Seriously. Awesome job!, we didn’t use the platforms either!!

And, You kept up with us on grapples almost the whole time!!! You are a very fast learner! Congrats!!! This individual deserves a round of applause!

Again, thank you for coming to the DSK hunt tonight! I appreciate it greatly!



Thank you sir! It was a fun learning experience!

Next time I join, I will be better prepared.



Feel free to join TNT’s server we have a fairly active general chat with players from all over the game and we have the hunt bot installed.

Once you enter general chat just type in
Then hit send and you will automatically gain access to the hunt channel and will see notifications for all hunts universe wide and also be able to join other discords.

Also as we have so many people in our general it’s a great place to ask questions or even facilitate trades.

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