Growing times

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So would IT be possible to fix the Times for all Kind of seeds Till they have grown ?

AS example combustion or kindling IT says 3 ays 18 hours but IT Takes Up to 7 days Till they have all grown …

Thats Not really good to wait so Long and If IT days only half the time… This IS for mostly all seeds…

If you could fix a bug for an exploit really fast IT should be able to fix this really fast too .

An awnser would be nice @James

Greetings Turrican2006

Its not a bug, its how its supposed to work. The time you see is an average, might be a presentation issue.

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Me, i discover that : more you have plots togeter with the same crop, more IT take Time to Grow. IT take one week to my goo. Maybe thats the bug you talk about.


I don’t mind it being semi-random. I have a HUGE kindling farm (produces about 30SS a harvest) and really it not that big of a deal and usually when I harvest it and replant it (which takes forever) I just rotate so that I always have between 5SS-10SS to harvest at any one time.

Plus it’s intended to be this way from everything I have read in the forums.

Only thing that can be frustrating is if you work with prestige flowers and want them to bloom at same ish time. There we talk about weeks of difference.


Thats why i dont use it. Prestige flower would be a big thing in this game if they did not died.


Never used a prestige flower even once.

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average time is ok but meaning up to the double thats too much in my opinion

when it would say 3 to 4 days as example or 3 to 5 days all ok but then everything should be grown.

its a game and everything ealse has a fixed time what it needs to craft and that should be on all kind of seeds too.

Yeah and there was a random option in that growing… a few searches in the forum can find some good threads on why things were this way. Even like Luca (I think) explained the process as they developed it all.

One post I found.

Ty for finding this Post.

Growth IS all RNG :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


yes its all RNG, but if the growth time is 3 days then under 6 days it should be grown. that’s why i say the time you see is average. by that time you should ahve at least 50% of your crop grown.

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With respect to immersion, they ought to lower the standard deviation in growth times for crops with longer averages. Earthyams take 2-4 Earth hours to grow, which is only 5-10 Oortigalactic days… imo that’s silly quick but it is what it is and the deviation is at least sensible. But combustion at 3-7 Earth days gives us a span of 180-420 Oorti days and that’s just wild. It should only deviate up to like 50%.


I recently used them for decoration purpose :slight_smile:

This may have already been mentioned, but did you spray them with fertilizer? That can help speed up the process.

Have done this too but its only with random effect when i did IT so i Stoped with IT because IT doesnt stays in realation how Long IT Take to fertilize them .

For my self i have my Farm devided in 7 parts so i can do every day one Part but there re for Sure people that have only small farms and want to have them done AS soon AS possible .

Also Other Players i was talking mentioned that everything IS calcilateable but Not Farming what they Don t understand.
Most of the people aren t active Here because of PS Users and are not regietred Here or want neither can speak english.