Greetings, everyone. The Shadows of Macabria have officially opened their first public farm and would like to invite everyone to come check out it out.

Welcome to Growthopia!

If the name didn’t give it away, It is yet another growth farm for shimmering orbs. Yes, I know…

”Another growth farm…?”

In my opinion, the more options out there… the better! Shimmering orbs come up in just about everyone’s crafting recipes at one point or another and growth (for the time being) is at the very least decent chrysominter fodder! Growthopia is located on Refgar, a Tier 1 planet in the EU Central region. Access is available for everyone with no resistances or special skills needed.

The farm itself offers players of any level the opportunity to safely farm in one of two growth chunks and also has a convenient sponge chunk in the same enclosed area for all your Pulsating Orb needs.

Get ready for a long bout of regen farming! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Growthopia is suited for up to three players at once, and world regeneration bomb effects can even be shared amongst each other. There’s also an info wall inside with a bit of guidance for those of you who may not be used to the wonderful world of regeneration farming.

Currently, Growthopia can only be accessed on Trung thru the public portal conveniently located in the Nova Golda Market farming portal section…

Grab an AoE shovel & a few regen bombs from Original Forgeries in Nova Golda Market on your way and come check it out! :smile:


This farm is beautiful and well put together. :sparkling_heart:

I encourage everyone to take a looksie and give it a try.

It works very nicely!


I tried it out for a 'lil bit yesterday and it works rather nicely!

And indeed, looks great too!


This has got to be one of the most stylish of farms.


Lol yes I thought the same thing when I saw it initially. This is for the glam posh farmer :man_farmer:.

Always good to have more farms to add to the rotation


Not exactly sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing myself, honestly. :joy:


Definitely looks nicer than mine. I put mine up quick and didn’t really try to make it look pretty. Too many other projects. Like the layout of yours :+1:t5:


Hey thanks, bud. I’ll have to come check yours out. Is it also on Refgar?


Nope. It’s on Dzassak. There’s a portal at nova golda, Dzassak Ultima, And Dzassak Market.


Ah ha! It’s just a statement. Neither good nor bad. I know some people prefer a nice aesthetic when doing things. Your farm is a splendid option for them. I’ll use it for sure. I also use the glass boxes with nothing in them but resources.

As time goes on I think yours(and there are a few others who do similar) will become the type of farms frequented more often, again because a fair amount of people enjoy a pleasing aesthetic when doing a tedious task, like resource farming.


And this farm is big enough for three people to farm at as well so it’s great for guilds and groups too.


Exactly! That’s a nice bonus; a pair or trio can cut harvesting time significantly. They can even share regen bomb effects depending on placement and grab two types of orbs at once if desired. This, of course, is assuming AoE tools are used.

A whole team could also have a go in there using unforged tools thru the top access. This could be done efficiently and safely at their own pace with minimized bomb usage shared between them. Always an option to earn some start up coin for even the most inexperienced players. I tried to make this farm with everyone in mind. :slightly_smiling_face:


You need to add a nice little seating area somewhere in here. XD
So peaceful. Got water, birdies, lovely colors. More of a spa, really. It’d almost look like hot tubs if it wasn’t for all those growing things in the water! :joy:


Well, they were hot tubs at first but the cleaning crew dropped the ball so then stuff started growing there!

There’s even one still full of old sponges! I mean! :joy:


Problem is, everytime I clean them out, someone throws a regen bomb :joy:


I did what I could! Built seating areas for anyone who’d like to afk or just relax during their visit here.

Also forgot to mention in OP that if you really enjoy using this facility, I have personal on-site storage available, complete with your own chrysominter!

2x2 portals are available inside as well. If anyone else is interested, just let me know! First come, first served.


Okay, now this is way too bourgeoisie even for me haha. Can it get any fancier?


Luxury farm :black_heart:


Waited to see for myself before I replied.

This looks very lovely! They’re even raised off the floor for easier cleaning!
The beams and poles add a nice touch.

Your plants seem to have grown too. Must be all that humidity keeps them hydrated. :wink:


Growthopia is now closed. Special thanks to anyone who actually got some use out of it.